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Magical Fireworks.

Sorry for confusing you guys, I didn’t notice I was posting on my old blog.
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Last day of Last year

What I wore at New Years Eve~

It’s also what I shopped at Gina Tricot when I went to Bodø to visit Live-chan during christmas break. The shorts is actually high-waisted, it’s just hidden beneath the awesome knitted sweater I just couldn’t leave without.

 Love how the dark fabric is at the wrist, and not on the elbows~

Ah, finally back to daily life and routines. School today was tiresome, studying for upcoming test isn’t easy when all you want to do is sleep. BUT, nice meeting my classmates again~

Now I need to unpack my stuff, and get back to studying for that damn test tomorrow!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~       - EdgyPop