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Carvings for…

Ah, I got carvings for some salt licorice, salt nuts and popcorn. I want sweets in general right now, there is absolutely no saturday without. I usually like my nuts unsalted, funny sentence, so its weird that I want them salty now.

As for popcorn; I would totally go and buy myself some micro pop if it weren’t for the fever I got, and I don’t feel like eating popcorn when sick. It’s my favorite snack, can’t ruin it with letting get a connection with being sick. If that made any sense.

Anyways, as soon as my hair have dried up I’m gonna go to the store and buy some sweets. Just gonna relax with a book or a movie in hope that I will feel better tomorrow.

oh, p.s.; the pictures was taken during summer~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~