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Instagram Part VIII

Well, here’s finally part 8. It’s actually been a few weeks since last Instagram update. These are moments between 5 and 3 weeks ago. I really havent been updating much during may/june. Life has just been too busy. Now that I’m home and have time to do what I want, I am updating a lot more. And I am kinda looking forward to spending my breaks at my summer jobs with Instagram~! As always, click the numbers if you want to see the one pic in its full version :)

  • 1. Life about 5 weeks ago….
  • 2. Warm apple juice with lime, cinnamon stick and star anise
  • 3. The real shit when you don’t feel like making or chewing food (when sick)
  • 4. First sunny day I was able to enjoy in T-town~

  • 5. Sunbathing by the river in t-town about a moth ago.
  • 6. I wasn’t planning on going to the summer party, but I had so much fun~!
  • 7. The awesome laser man at the summer party!
  • 8. Spinach. Because I’m going to become strong like Popeye.

  • 9. Wraps with various of foods~
  • 10. Orange Juice in a sunny window.
  • 11. Loved the summer-house! (where I spent my runaway weekend)
  • 12. Snuggling indoors while its raining outside.

  • 13. Hyttegraut!
  • 14. porridge <3
  • 15. A bit addicted to sparkling ice tea? Yes we are.
  • 16. Tried to study for my last history test, loved the daylight flooding in.

  • 17. On the ferry on my way back, a beautiful weekend was sadly over…
  • 18. During the strike in Trondheim.
  • 19. Adorable bookmark I got from my mum.
  • 20. Suddenly felt like doing some gyaru inspired make-up again, so out of practice!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Orange Juice and a Mesmerising and Surreal Book


Hello sweeties! I am feeling a lot better today. I don’t have the need to sleep every now and then, and I am able to eat again. I am actually hungry, and that’s a big plus. For me a lot of sleep and c-vitamins is the best medicine. Currently curling up in bed with a Haruki Murakami book and some orange juice. Gonna muster some energy for a shower soon, then I’ll try to upload some pictures from what I wore on Friday. Have been blogging with my phone too much lately.

XXXXX ([]u[])

31st of March – [Heart to Heart]

Meh, I have spent most of the day just staring out in the air and not feeling well. Started getting a sore throat at school, and therefrom it just got worse and worse. So another day of doing hardly anything on my project. I should really start to get stressed, but I’m not and it’s scaring me. I guess I have to use lots of my weekend to caught up with my time schedule~

So what do we do when we feel a bit sick? Firstly, I go to the store and buy orange juice and IFA. Then I drink the juice and lots of tea, because water just isn’t good when having a sore throat. Then I doze off a little listening to music, try to read a book again, spam twitter and look for clothes on Yesstyle.com. Also, being  sick include lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, and brighten my mood with taking SelCa’s.

And for those who doesn’t know what SelCa means, it’s just short for Self-cam pictures a.k.a. pictures you have taken of yourself. Lol, it’s amazing what I pick up being deep into the Kpop world. The first thing I did when I got home today was to check who won #1 on M! Countdown~ CNBLUE won and they really deserve it~

Well~ There has been quite a few releases lately, and 4minute has also released an MV for their new single Heart to Heart. I love the song, it just keeps growing on me. The girls being really cute in the video but I find myself teaming up with poor Jong Shin, because he such an adorable guy, and all alone against the girls here~