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Christmas Shopping

I decided to take the saturday of and do some christmas gift shopping. I have a few presents that needs to be sent to Norway pretty quickly so it will reach their owners in time for christmas. So I went out the door…and something felt wrong.

No snow, no cold, no frost... and loads of sun.


Still, there was a bunch of people doing their christmas shopping today.

At least it seemed like it. It was pretty chaotic in the centre. It might have been because it was saturday morning. The picture below doesn’t do the chaos any justice. The queue went far from the counters, curling around the accessorize selves. Which also was the place most people found interesting. So much prettiness!

08dec_02 08dec_03It is also the season for high-heeled party shoes, or christmas shoes. Depends how you look at it. As always I have to small and petite feet to fit any of these. Actually I thought going abroad to the UK would make it easier for me and my shoe size issue, but no. They got size 3 which is size 36. Then some internet stores got size 2 which is size 34….

where did size 2.5/35 disappear to?

Anyways, I got the christmas gift shopped and packed. They are ready to be sent to Norway tomorrow. So my main goal was achieved.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XVI

Time for an Instagram update! It’s the last few updates from my summer break. I am getting closer and closer to the time I spent with M in t-town before going to the UK. I miss my clean eating habits, my workout routines and having good structured routines. It’s about time that the “I have to test everything”-period is over food and sweet wise. I need my healthy habits back. A new habit added to my list is yoga and meditation :) Well, enjoy~!

  • 1. Enjoying the sun during summer~
  • 2. The in tea I don’t care how much sugar it got, it reminds me of my grandma.
  • 3. Inspired by my friend I tried a new hairdo, the side-bun.
  • 4. How ready I looked for a workout. It still happened tho.

  • 5. Progress: stronger arms/back. (progress died when moving to uk…)
  • 6. Lunch <3 (my eating habits have died too….)
  • 7. Kicking it in my asymmetric leopard skirt.
  • 8. Loving sepia pictures~

  • 9. Sumer outfit. :)
  • 10. Found my first mobile phone ever. Old school.
  • 11. Oh so tired…
  • 12. Deciding what comes with me to the UK, and what doesn’t.

  • 13. I’m a coffee addict.
  • 14. Painted my toe nails red, and my feet looked cuter.
  • 15. Colors. I love wearing them.
  • 16. Yummy snack: Galia and cantaloupe melon, mango and pineapple.

  • 17. Drinking the Energy drink Burn, although it looks like mouthwash.
  • 18. Fried scampi with garlic. I like them buuuuurned!
  • 19. Going on shopping trip with good frieds~
  • 20. Yummy juice drink while waiting for sushi.

  • 21. Bought new earrings, btw they hurt!
  • 22. Love my hairstyle~
  • 23. Sushi!
  • 24. Yummu~!

  • 25. Exactly.
  • 26. Last weekend at home up north was over for this summer. Good memories <3
  • 27. <3
  • 28. My new, orange and awesome suitcase.

  • 29. Sorting out accessories to take with  me t the UK.
  • 30. From when me and Lele took a swim in the sea.
  • 31. Having too much I want to take with me!
  • 32. Outside M’s door, well he wanted a surprise~!

  • 33. spotted Pantone cups in all kinds of colors when I was in T-town.
  • 34. Overknees, dotted tights and ripped denim. Oh yeah.
  • 35. With a lovely pink-red sweater~
  • 36. And awesome cap. (Which I took with me to the uk, yay!)

  • 37. Beautiful days in t-town!
  • 38. Morning coffee in the cups I gave M for his b-day~!
  • 39. Then, i was so addicted to shorts and overknees. Still am.
  • 40. Nerdy face~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Before leaving~


So this is the end of a period and a start of another one for this blog. Because tomorrow morning, or night to Tuesday, I’m starting my route towards the UK. I am very glad that everything is more or less ready, and that I can sit here without being totally stressed. Of course I’m a bit stressed, I’m going to study in a foreign country.

Hence why I think how I run this blog is going to change a bit.

Because life in the UK is going to be totally new for me and I want to share it with you. It’s going to be an exciting journey, but also a hard-working school year. But I have promised myself to blog more efficiently with quality. No quick fixes any more. Life,honesty and interests. And honestly, I have no idea what so ever how life is going to be in Wolverhampton, so I have no idea how much spare time I’ll have. All I know for sure is that I want to keep friends, family and other curious beings updated.

So,right now I am M are making dinner. He’s going to work from 16PM to 22PM. Because I am going to leave here around 4AM  I have decided to try to get some sleep while he’s gone. My suitcase has been packed, but I am going to re-pack it at least one time. Or twice. Or a thousand times.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram Part IX

Wow, I’ve been so worn out after work, workouts and EM football games that I havent been able to consider blogging. I have not been much on the internet in general, as it causes me to fall asleep. And I do not like mid-day napping. But it’s finally weekend, so now there is time for Instagram update part 9~! I really haven’t been updating much through may/june so I’m almost on schedule. The last 3 pics is from last weekend when I got home! As always, click on the numbers to see the pictures in full version~

  • 1. BFFamily was in t-town~!
  • 2. Chocolate heart, I was celebrating being done with school for this year.
  • 3. The aftermath of celebrating….
  • 4. Nachos with the best girls!

  • 5. Oh, this is always so booring but it needs to be done
  • 6. Finally started on a new book: Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.
  • 7. Worked it out!
  • 8. I wanted to be totally green one day. Loved this outfit, might have to wear it again soon!

  • 9. That number at 11AM is very rare. Loving it.
  • 10. Drank coffee and edited pictures in the dark while my boy slept in the bed besides me. He came straight from his night shift to me that morning.
  • 11. One sunny day we finally went to the best ice cream shop!
  • 12. My love bought me a journey as a summer gift~! (Sims 3 World adventures)

  • 13. They upgraded my subscription for my phone, more free mins for calls and more free texts! I have no idea how to use it all.
  • 14. The dog was packed, and it looked sad….
  • 15. Packing chaos, but I’m almost there!
  • 16. Right before it was shipped, that was all of my stuff. Seems so little.

  • 17. emptiness. Night before leaving for home.
  • 18. Home! Got welcomed with the best gift – sunny weather!
  • 19. Golden shoes on the rocks at the sea.
  • 20. Midsummer bonfire!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~
Ps. Instagram is currently not working, so I didn’t get to check what I actually wrote when posting

The process of moving

ugh, the mess that packing creates....

Lunch break - Pizza~!

Before and after sending most of my stuff with the night train.

This was heavy to carry for tiny me

I can’t say I miss this at all. I am so glad I am finished with packing, moving and traveling. Several days of packing, over 12 hours of traveling with train and by car. I am so glad I am finally home.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Packing Strategy

Step one: Throwing everything you want with you in the suitcase.

This strategy is only for clothes. Don’t throw make-up, shoes, books ect. I know you are aware of that, and why ~ This is what I do first every time I pack my suitcase. Just because, in the start I have no clue what so ever what I want with me.

Step two: Fold everything neatly and lay it on the bed...

…sort though it all and take pieces of clothing that gives you multiply of choices for outfits. This part is always difficult. I end up talking with myself, negotiating why I should pick that skirt instead of that one. Then I pack the rest~ I don’t like packing, but I don’t hate it either. Been living away for 5 years now so I’m pretty used to it, as I always travel home for holidays.

Yes, I am home at mum & dads right now. And it’s so peaceful and quiet as always here. After I moved to the center of Trondheim I am noticing this quietness a lot more than before. Right now its quite comfortable. Since traveling always makes me tired, I will probably go to bed pretty soon.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Empty Walls, Too Much Stuff

Wow, I’m so used to having all of my accessorize hanging on the wall. This looks so empty it’s almost making me sad. Yeah, I am totally happy about leaving this place. Two years have been long enough.

Just my lenses and a princess crown left in the bookshelf. I have even torn down my inspiration wall, and drown it away. I don’t need inspiration for interior any more, when I get home/a new place I shall make me a japanese/fashion wall instead.

Look look look, even the closet is empty! That… was actually pretty hard. Believe me. I threw away (gave it to UFF) 3 bags of clothing, I have packed 3 bags, and my suitcase is full. That’s the down side about loving to get second-hand clothes from others, I am usually on the bottom of the chain, so it’s piling up in my closet. No More.

This illustrates why it’s so hard for me to pack, and make my suitcase shopping friendly. I generally have a lot of each item, with a lot of variety. Like all these glasses. So many colors it’s hard to choose. If I just had black nerd glasses it would have been so much easier.

The first pick shows what I got, and the second what I want to take with me. The first ones are reading glasses so I need those. Again if i just had black nerd glasses I would only take them with me. And yes, I totally need two pair of sunglasses. One to look cool in and the yellow ones because it’s this summer colors! I am so pathetic…









No, This Isn't Going To Work

Err yeah, I am slowly realizing I wont get that, + outer clothes, shoes, accessorize and more into that suitcase lying under there. It’s actually pretty big, but now it seems so small! Packing is hard when you’re packing for holiday in Oslo and going home to work afterwards. Also have to consider that the weather could get both rainy&wet and awfully warm.

Also, what makes it eve more difficult is that I’m not only packing that suitcase, I am packing all my things so I can stuff them at my sisters place for the summer. Srsly. I envy everyone that get help doing this. I am dreading to when I  have to clean this place…

XXXXX ([]u[])/