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Instagram Part I

Instagram finally got available for androids during easter break, and it has made me incredible happy. I have tried out many apps before, but no one was as brilliant as Instagram, mostly because of the community. One of the blogs I read does regular collective updates of their Instagram pictures, so I had to borrow the idea. Here is the first batch of my Instagram updates~ You can follow me if you want, my nick is EdgyPop.

Click picturesthe numbers(links) to see them bigger:)

  • 1. How it looked in Trondheim when it suddenly snowed
  • 2. Approving that Instagram is finally available for android
  • 3. The book I’m currently reading, typical american thriller
  • 4. Killed my hair to get this hairdo done~

  • 5. Cat lying halfway on the chair and in the window. Comfortable?
  • 6. Selca before visiting my bff during easter break
  • 7. Loved the cute tape case my bff had.
  • 8. Campfire during easter break~

  • 9. Driving into the white~ So much snow on!
  • 10. Sunflower seed with chocolate cover.
  • 11. Orangechocolate, a must during easter holidays.
  • 12. Bright pink nerd glasses, I love them.

  • 13. Applecake and ice cream. Yummi~
  • 14. Homemade mix of cocoa and cappuccino drink
  • 15. Snow, snow, snow. Weather during easter break.
  • 16. Easter tulips! So bright and delicate.

  • 17. Selca again, so satisfied with my make-up here.
  • 18. First one of the popular easter eggs filled with milk cream.
  • 19. Spent one night looking at old drawings. An attempt on a manga girl?
  • 20. Used to be so hooked on chinese dragons. Old drawing.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Just as colorful as the surroundings ~

Me behind the desk at the local handcrafts shop~ Just for fun, where no customers inside right then. I think this must be my most colorful outfit during easter break. Just as colorful as the store.

I have also been pretty tired of using lashes lately, but the 3 past day’s I have been wearing them every day. It goes up and down, but this time the down period have been pretty long. I have been serious considering if I would ever bother to wear lashes any more. All  I needed was just to fall on love with a simple style of gyaru make-up and some simple but a bit dramatic pair of lashes. Love them~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

“Ut på tur, aldri sur!”

It has become a tradition for me to visit and sleep over at my best friend’s place every time I’m home for the holidays. This time I was invited out for fun and a nice time around the campfire with her family. Had such a nice time, and it was really lovely to get to spend some time outdoor. And there was food and sweets for everyone, for us grown ups and for the little ones. At the last pictures we are looking really lovely with our hats, scarfs and sunglasses.

As always, the time we spent together went by to fast and I’m home again. Tonight its applecake and quiz on the menu with the family. Looking forward to it~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Out in the sparkling snow we go~ 


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Okay, it was more of out in the sun we go and enjoy the sparkling snow while we try to take pictures of it. I actually managed to capture some of the sparkle, although in real life there was a lot more than what it shows in the pictures. I am also quite happy I took two of my favorite knitted sweaters with me. It’s so comfortable sitting in the sun in it, instead of drowning in a huge winter jacket. It is also how I get out of the house and get some fresh air, to walk around and take pictures of stuff or just sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun. Not much else to do outside, but I am not complaining. Its nice~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~