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Friday = Pizza

Friday equals pizza in this house. It’s that day when everyone is tired from the week, when nobody can bother coming up with something to make for dinner, and when we all want to celebrate that it’s finally weekend. Yes, that’s pizza friday.

Should totally have posted this on friday. But I suddenly have too much to post, and I’m falling behind.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram Part III

I am falling way behind with my Instagram post. I probably should do them more often. I’m still home at easter break in the first line, but that’s finally the last ones. As usually, click the numbers to see them in full versions~

  • 1. Beautiful view from the living room, snowy and sunny~
  • 2. Last easter egg this year!
  • 3. Last cup of coffee at home this holiday
  • 4. Pink nail polish!

  • 5. Traveling picture in the airport bathrooms mirror, obligatory.
  • 6. Back at school, so much to do!
  • 7. Went out running and arrived at familiar grounds!
  • 8. New pink EOS lipbalm~

  • 9. Bought new shoes for spring~!
  • 10. Kind of my favorite cereal, lots of fruits, berries and oats.
  • 11. Purple lips! just had to get this lipstick (although it looks pink on the picture)
  • 12. My new shoes again. Love them.

  • 13. Coffee in my favorite kind of cup, small and round.
  • 14. Hairbun helper, not going to kill my hair to get a bun anymore.
  • 15. Awesome ring for just 20NOK, I love sale.
  • 16. One tired doggie, walking is exhausting when you insist on barking at everything.

  • 17. Delicious pizza! Even more so because I shared it with someone special.
  • 18. Tea~ And my adorable tea wand from Indiska.
  • 19. Don’t think I actually uploaded this… but world war maps are so frustrating!
  • 20. I just love the smell of my sheets.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

When Aliens Make Pizza

Ah, yesterday was such a nice day! Although we spent it just walking through stores after stores without buying anything it was nice. We meet up with Adrian, drank coffee (which he bought:  thank you), and just wandered around. Meet some of my buddies at Outland:Forever retarded fringe, pretty annoying when it’s windy. The other two became like child when they found weapon props, and I became the target. And I found the most awesome (but expensive) t-shirts ever.

After a while I really had to pee, Lol, so we walked home to Live-chan. Where I got a killer massage I’m still sore from. Then we shopped some food, and started to make pizza!That pizza was incredible good, and we had a lot of fun making it. We watched MegaMind while eating it, genuinely cute movie! Ah, yes, yesterday was such a nice day.

Oh, and someone decided to buy one of the manliest slippers ever. Finally I have someone who won’t/can’t diss me for my hello kitty socks. Now, there’s going to be some serious shopping! Cuz’ I got the money~ Everything that needed to be paid is, the rent, the money I owe PPL, sooo the rest is left to: SHOPPING!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~