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Mock Exam Lazy Look.


Really love the one yellow stripe on my top matching the cap~

This outfit is both lazy and totally not. Because I had mock exam in math today I opted for a laid back and lazy outfit with comfortable harem pants and a comfy top. Almost wearing no accessories too, no rings, bracelets or earrings. Whats making this outfit not so lazy after all is the make-up. Because this morning I had time to put on lashes and lipstick. And when I have time I do it. Haven’t worn lashes on a regular day in ages~!

Totally made my day, or most of it. This evening made my day. (But what made it is a secret). And here’s another song I’m hooked on!

Scream, ah ah ah ah~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A very yellow detail~

Hm, I wonder if I have made a similar post before? Maybe that was the Mario cap? I don’t remember, anyways. My Pokemon cap is too cool to not do it again if that’s the case. I love it. It’s kind of the detail of the day. I think I have a think for yellow right now, cuz I just found myself thinking that I need a pair of bright yellow jeans to go with this. It would be so awesome.

 I am a matching freak, and will always be one.

on second thought.........

I should really get a pair of bright pink jeans to match it with this lipstick. But there’s really some apple green and light purple ones I originally want, and a white pair with black dots. In other words, there is way to many pair of jeans I want but what I really need is more tops and sweaters. Or shirts? Hm, my closet is a fairytale indeed.

How to afford all of it? Well, Ebay and Galstar ofc. If I shopped in norwegian stores I would be broke and out on the streets years ago. Besides, I know how to get a lot for little. An ability that comes with being a student for a few years.

And because I have gotten lazy with sharing music lately, here’s two songs of Sistar’s new mini album, Alone,  that I absolutely love! So catchy~! I just know I’ll be listening to these a lot this summer.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~