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Can I Ever Get Enough?

Apparently not, I love hove this preppy style is appearing everywhere!

Credits as tagged & to laurita.ch

PopTeen tends to be a little too cute and too sweet for me, style-wise. Might have something to do with how they portray the styles? Because when I see past that and look on outfit and coordination there’s a lot of inspiration to find~

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19th of April – Military or Geek?

I am so thorn between two different styles lately. I am really hooked on military colours and elements. Like Khaki green, I can’t put it down in words how much I love this colour! White, Grey and Black is also great colours to dress in, and lately I’ve been starting to like brown. I don’t need to describe military elements do I? Buttons, shoulder pads, thorn jeans and more~

But then we have my love for this geeky school girl/boy look. Which I’ve always have been taking in elements of in my style. Like nerd glasses, I just can’t live without them. Or suspenders which is a great detail over t-shirts or other tops. And of course the look you get when you put whatever you’re wearing above down in your jeans or pants. So I squealed a bit when I downloaded May’s issue of Popteen and found a lot of this geeky look~

Ah, so cuuute~ I’m beginning to realize that I need jeans shorts WITH suspenders. I need more shorts which actually fit my body form a bit better. Well, it isn’t summer yet so I could probably prioritize jeans before shorts.

So now the big question is: can you dress geeky & military inspired at the same time? Can I work both of the style, or will it split my wardrobe and give me style issues again?

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10th of March – A Night Of Nothing~

Tonight when I got home after work I decided to just have a whole night of doing absolutely nothing~ So I’ve spent my night drinking tea, spamming twitter and downloading magazines. So yeah, been going through some new editions of Jelly, Happie Nuts and Popteen to find some inspiration~

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So here’s a bunch~ So, according to my plan I was supposed to be in bed for 10 minutes ago. I don’t what to be so tired at work tomorrow as I was today. Anyways, it’s the last day of my internship tomorrow, and it’s a bit sad. No, it’s really sad! I’ve enjoyed these two weeks a lot~ I really like the place I’ve been at. Knowing the office, it’s CakeFriday, so it won’t be that bad~ G’nite~

Been listening to this every night~ Ryeowook’s voice is pure love!

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10th of January – Inspiration is Fuel!

Well, it totally is, isn’t it? Searching through blogs, tumblr and magazines for inspiration is like fuel and energy drink/coffee all together. It works magic on my mind~ Therefore I download magazines as hell and screen print the outfits and looks I love the most. Just so I don’t have to pry through a whole magazine to find it again. So here’s some inspirations I’ve found lately!

All of these are either from Zipper, Seventeen or Popteen. Just some of the many magazines that I find inspiration in. Oh, and for those who wonder if anything happened to my closet – yes it did! I threw out a lot of pieces and there’s more that will be eliminated. When I find out I hardly wear stuff that’s left, or that it just wont fit my style its going out~!

I’m being hard on myself, but that’s because I have to make some space for new pieces! LOL

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