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Dotts & Ribbons


Oops, here's another outfit post.

Mainly because I want to get rid of postponed posts so I can start posting pictures from home. But still, when I like an outfit I like to blog it too. And I adored this combination with the dotted short, military inspired dress and the tights with small bows on it. With my hair tied up in a knot it became a perfect preppy outfit.

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I Have Missed You

Happie Nuts December 2011 edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Yes, I have missed finding inspiration in J-fashion magazines. To be honest, without it my style has changed into more of a South Korean style of fashion. I need my input of J-fashion! So yeah, Happie Nuts was pretty much the first magazine I got hold on.

Still finding a lot of preppy outfits and looks, makes my geeky heart happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop

Right on Spot!

Guess who squealed when she saw the knitted knee-highs?

Credit as tagged & to Laurita.ch

Knee-highs and shorts everywhere! I’m so happy with that, loads of delicious preppy inspiration to find in the november issue.

Oh, Happie Nuts is such an amazing magazine in my eyes, its pretty hard to choose JUST 6 pages to post here. Since they’re not my scan I’m trying not to post to many. But you know where you’ll find the rest~

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School Girl ?

I dressed like this today, preppy in a bit cuter way than yesterday~

Then our classroom got too cold for me too, and I had to add some warmth.

What I mean with that is that people in my class tend to freeze and sit with their jackets of when the temperature is perfect for me, but today it was finally too cold for me too. So I added my lovely wool knee-highs my mum made me, and a knitted scarf. Still didn’t help against the cold room tho…

Sadly it hid the awesome pattern of my tights, but I think the outfit works both with and without the knee-highs.

Finally remembered to take some close-ups of my face

Tried out a new way of doing my eyeshadow, saw a movie and got inspiration

It still need some perfection tho, but I don’t want to wear THAT much make-up which it takes to get it better to school. Although I like using much I have a line for what I go with at school too, you know. Somebody probably won’t believe me.

I just discovered this, loving the dance moves. And the song ofc~

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How Inspiration Works

Being inspired by preppy makes me dress up preppy~

High waist shorts and over-knees is so essential for me right now, being inspired by the preppy style. I want more. Sometimes I stop and think “who buys shorts during the winter season?”. You would kinda worry about how to stay warm, right? There’s no problem doing that if you have warm over-knees. These are insanely warm~!

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Can I Ever Get Enough?

Apparently not, I love hove this preppy style is appearing everywhere!

Credits as tagged & to laurita.ch

PopTeen tends to be a little too cute and too sweet for me, style-wise. Might have something to do with how they portray the styles? Because when I see past that and look on outfit and coordination there’s a lot of inspiration to find~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Act cool~!


Good Morning! wow, doing a post in the morning?

Just because I can, because I have time, and because I want to.

Doing the preppy style today, adding a little coolness with the cap. Just joking, been a long time since last I used my navy colored cap. I just wanted to use it today. And of course I’ve spent the entire morning listening to Wonder Girls new album, Wonder world. Love the attitude i this song~~

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Rock-ish, Dolly & Curly

Some inspiration from the november issue of PopSister

Credit as tagged

I am really adoring those school/preppy girl looks mixed with dolly, rock-ish and punker-ish style. Gotta love what they have named one of the styles: Roma-preppy~! I also really like the curly hairstyle with dark ends. I really need to purchase a half-wig so I can kinda achieve a style similar to it, without having to dye my hair.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Red, Yellow & Preppy

Inspiration from the November issue of Jelly~

Credit as tagged in pictures

I’m liking the colors and the preppy style in this issue of Jelly. There is a lot of reds, orange, and yellows. Just 6 pages of over 200 that I really liked  (download the rest here), where as two are small tutorials of two make-up styles I like. I really must try to pay more attention to them, even try to follow and learn a few.

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Preppy, Country or Boy-Ish

Well, there isn’t many days of October left and I am still trying to read out this month issue of Costume because the new issue is already out. Thats one of the reasons why I love Costume, it last way longer than just a tiny month. It’s also what I love about Jelly. It’s so much to take in, to consume and to like to ever finish it.

I like the styles Jelly is showing in this issue. The ethnic country girl, the preppy school girl, and the boy-ish girl. Big shirts, wide pants, knitted tops, shorts, knee-highs and hair accessories. Whether its a hairband, a bow, a hat, a scarf and so on, hair accessories seems really important.

Credit as tagged in the pictures, and to Japanese Fashion Magazine @ LJ

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