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Vlog03: Rainy day.

Update on Uni life~ IDK, why that disturbing noise is there. I’m sorry about that, it wasn’t there when I played it in iMovie. I’m checking how it turns out in Vimeo/youtube. Oh, and the word I was looking for was actually article. We came up with design ideas based on newspaper articles.

Edit: I have changed back to YouTube, as its being nice to me for once.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

21st of March – Practical OUT, stylish IN

I know, I couldn’t be pouting moreLOL.

Well it’s back to a new individual project at school~ Notice, INDIVIDUAL. I am kinda tired of working in groups. No offence. This time it’s Hotel&Lounge bar/Café. I am really surprised of how much inspiration and will power I have on this. I just want to work work and work. I hope it last all through the project. Love it~

It was totally raining horizontal today, so I should probably have worn my rain coat instead of my military jacket. It was just perfect with my outfit. Needless to say, my umbrella got raped my the wind. I can already hear my dad saying that I should dress up more practical. Sometimes practical just doesn’t work when you’re trying to do a style, or in my case, my style.


derpface approved!

Mh, I love how well the new gray top fits the harem pants~~ ([]w[])/ And no I didn’t forget to take one of the suspenders on the outside, it’s all on purpose yanno. And the hat is pure love, think I’ve been wearing it outside every day for ages now. It’s originally my roommates, but she doesn’t use it so I stole it.

OH! OH~~ I called my hairdresser today and booked an appointment on Wednesday  kl. 13.00. It’s time to get my hairstyle back~ And I think I’ll bring my extensions, so I can get them fitted.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~