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SO yellow~

Today I decided to dress up in something else that lazy clothes in an attempt to get mor concentrated on studying for my upcoming math test. For the record, it didn’t help much at all, but I felt less lazy. I also decided that it was a pretty yellow day, sun was shining outside from a blue sky, so I got a bit inspired to wear bright yellow. So I dug in my closet after my warm yellow t-shirt with a skeleton ribcage.

I can’t wait t wear t-shirts again, without having to wear jackets and cardigans over. Please get warmer! It’s May already~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Who wants a call from me?

I seriously need to start calling people more. This is how my stats looks by the end of every month. I use up my free mobile data time (400MB) almost every month. And I usually get down to about 30-40 sms left. Thats pretty okay. But look at the usage of free minuts to call! I’ve hardly called for over 50 mins out of freaking 400! I’m saying it again, I seriously need to start calling people more.

And no, my family doesn’t count in this. I call them for free always. What to do, what to do….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

My cat wants to wear my fab shoes

At least I think she likes them a lot,

she laid down there beside them pretty often. I wasn’t so found that when she started playing with them tho. Playing means biting on her part. Guess its my own fault for laying them under the table. Oh I just love her big eyes and her personality.

I just had to post these pictures of her. She’s so strange and cute~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~         -  EdgyPop

Everything I got Is…

PINK, just bright glorious pink!

I wonder how this happened, cuz I didn't plan it.

It might be my crazy addiction to having things that match. I blame the cute wallet and the pencil-case. And of course, when the potions are grey, red, blue and purple/pink, I choose the latter. So it has escalated to this. When I went to purchase a sleeve for my Mac I just knew it had to be pink.

And, Gosh, I found a really pink one! Love it~

I find this obsession with pink stuff pretty weird....

Because I don’t tend to like overly cute stuff, I don’t decorate my room in pink, I don’t like to dress up in pink. But I guess I just like it as a detail, and because it’s a lively color. Fo full of life and vibration. Oh well… I need to get in bed. Got a test tomorrow, in the first two hours of school and I don’t want to fall a sleep in my test or something.

Heres my face because I just wanted to show it on my blog again, and now I’ll go before my ridiculous over-tired humor takes over. I’ll just write something weird then. G’nite~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    – EdgyPop


Act cool~!


Good Morning! wow, doing a post in the morning?

Just because I can, because I have time, and because I want to.

Doing the preppy style today, adding a little coolness with the cap. Just joking, been a long time since last I used my navy colored cap. I just wanted to use it today. And of course I’ve spent the entire morning listening to Wonder Girls new album, Wonder world. Love the attitude i this song~~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~