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Dolled up in Heart Shaped Polka Dots

Mh, thought it had been a while(posts) since I have shown my face here.

I really really need to start taking more pictures of people in action (read:me&non-shy friends). Hence why I want to hang around on cafées and places more. Must be one of the things I miss the most with living in Bodø, hanging at Kafé Kafka with friends.


Oh well, that doesn’t stop me from sharing some outfit pictures, not when I am wearing my fabulous shirt. (fuck jante loven da). I love it’s geen colour, I thin I’ve said that befire, but I never get tired of mentioning it.

Not to mention that this shirt seems to be timeless. I’ve had it for some years now, and it has never failed me. It goes with jeans, harem pants, skirts and shorts just perfectly.

You probably can’t see it, but the dots is actually tiny tiny hearts.

It annoys me that I forgot to put the rings I was wearing back on after making dinner, and that I haven’t removed the old nailpolish and re-done them. Love that dark green nail polish I got from a friend for christmas, fits the skirt so well~ Yeah, I’m all about matching.

I used the book in the pictures to emphasize just how big of a book work I am being these days. Just for fun.

XXXXX ([]u[])/~         -  EdgyPop