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MusicPop: Week 6 – Drink up!

So now I’m basically just waiting for my landlord to pick up the phone so I can say that I’m ready to hand the key’s in, then I’m out of this place. Feels nice! What do I do while I wait? Well I am searching for mp3’s of my new loves to download, and I’m roaming around in my music as usual.

New Luv: 2Pm – Hands Up

2PM, I just love you. I have no words for this, it’s just brilliant! The mood is addictive, the song is catchy, the dance is just as amazing as ever, and their hairstyle is fab! YES, I am hooked on their hairstyle.  Shame on everyone who think this is a copy of GD&TOP’s High High, I’m a hardcore fan of that song, and I totally see the difference!

This weeks Kpop: F(x) – hot summer

Yup, I know I posted this yesterday, but it totally is this week K-pop song. I have played it soooo much since it came out. And I gonna keep raping it till… I don’t know..! I just can’t get tired of it, it seems. This song is probably gonna remind me of this summer later on.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Alice nine –  gemini-0-eternal

I seriously love these songs, I’ve been playing them a lot during cleaning this place. By these songs I mean that this continues into Gemini-I and II. It’s just amazing to listen to all 3, but they still work just as good separately.

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

Another Lady Gaga song! I’ve been listening to this for a while, and it just kept growing on me, so far that now when I play it I totally sing along.


I first listened to this in english and was like “no,hell no!”, then I listened to the korean version of it an went totally “yess yess yess!”


I am totally rediscovering a lot of jrock songs, and rock songs in general. I’ve forgotten how much I love this one!

Ah, well, should try calling my landlord again!

XXXXX ([]o[])/



DR. Feel Good

Well, isn’t it just my luck or what. I want to go back to getting sick in holidays only, because being sick when your busy sucks! My friend is calling me workaholic because I get more worried and stress for every day of possibly work time I lose. I guess I am anyway, that’s what happen when you want to go out of school with a good grade. A grade that satisfy myself at least, and that  got to be higher than C, but it doesn’t look so bright right now.

Anyways, PPL in the apartment next to me and above seem to be in a good mood. Shouting & playing loud music. I’m not surprised, its 16th of may. I’m actually more surprised that there isn’t more party life around here. Thought this was the big party night. Yes, it’s 17th of May tomorrow, it’s Norway “birthday”. And yes, I’m turning freaking 21 tomorrow.

It’s not that it bothers me to get older, okay, that was a HUGE lie. I am freaking scared of getting older, because I am freaking scared of the fact that I have to die one day. Still, I have to except the fact that I can’t do anything about it. So, no that’s not the bit IT. The big IT is that it doesn’t FEEl right. It doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like that big day anymore. Because when you grow up your birthday gets smaller, until it becomes something that almost doesn’t exist. That’s the disadvantage of being a student away from home & away from friends.

Okay, enough of this crap, I’m in a foul mood because I’m sick. I am going to make the best out of tomorrow, sick or not. I & my friends are going to go downtown buying me cotton candy, and I’m going to meet my sister. I am really looking forward to see her! And if I’m up to it I’m going to the amusement park-thing and take a carousel or something. YAY~!

Unf, I love Rania. I hate ppl bashing on them because of their sexy image. I love them for being bold enough for debuting with such an image and not going for the cute girl thing. And I freaking love their voices, so powerful and strong. So all the cute girls group with fluffy voices of a 13th year old girl who hardly knows how to sing can just go to bed asap. Foul mood is on again, ugh, BYE!

XXXXX /([]N[])/