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Instagram XXI

Been a week since last Instagram update, so here's how the last 7 days 
have been. Or how I have been looking, and small things that have made 
me happy :)


1. One night I splashed loads of water in my face, and the make-up 
remained intact. 
2. Details of an outfit. Super addicted to my mustache cardigan.


3. Hi, glorious norwegian coffee! Thanks for sending it, mom <3
4. Make-up and hair~ (actually, I was pretty bored)


5. Details of an outfit. Found my ballerina bunny!
6. Color block? Didn't plan it. Make-up and hair one day :)


7. Love this hairstyle, inspired by Scawaii magazine :)
8. My phone is an expert on blurry pics!


9. Frost on the ground one morning, made me so happy!!
10. Gift from a sweet Chinese girl~! <3


11. Beautiful view from the studio~
12. Reading an interesting while eating breakfast one morning.


13. Outfit from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday :)
14. My mum is the best, sending me a homemade advent calendar :D


15. Went out for a drink with friends yesterday, had to try wearing eyelashes again.
16. First advent calendar present opened! Salty licorice <3


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XIII

I am still trying to recover from the amazing time spent with good friends and a concert yesterday. My voice is getting better, but I sound pretty fucked up if I talk too much. It was so worth it! But its time for another instagram update, number thirteen! Going from 09.07-14.07~!

  • 1. Big book to read before I start a new year at school~
  • 2. A very interesting header on a chapter again.
  • 3. Exactly.
  • 4. Have been reading Wallpaper* magazine a lot in my breaks at work.

  • 5. My tired after work face… a very common sight lately.
  • 6. Pinkiness~!
  • 7. A rare moring I had time for a coffee before going to work.
  • 8. A common “ready” for work face.

  • 9. Another work-face!
  • 10. Was very satisfied with my eyeliner one day~
  • 11. Just a second shot looking down :)
  • 12. Can you believe I ran downhill in these?

  • 13. After a lovely evening at Lele & JP’s place
  • 14. I am driking way to much coffee at work…
  • 15. Friday means waffles for lunch at work.
  • 16. Been organizing my make-up, here’s my mineral eyeshadows an blushes~

  • 17. Make-up one day~
  • 18. Was inspired by Lele and tried to use as little eyeliner as possible.
  • 19. Coffee & licorice – two favorites~
  • 20. Cleaned my mac :)
XXXXX ([]u[])/

Instagram Part VIII

Well, here’s finally part 8. It’s actually been a few weeks since last Instagram update. These are moments between 5 and 3 weeks ago. I really havent been updating much during may/june. Life has just been too busy. Now that I’m home and have time to do what I want, I am updating a lot more. And I am kinda looking forward to spending my breaks at my summer jobs with Instagram~! As always, click the numbers if you want to see the one pic in its full version :)

  • 1. Life about 5 weeks ago….
  • 2. Warm apple juice with lime, cinnamon stick and star anise
  • 3. The real shit when you don’t feel like making or chewing food (when sick)
  • 4. First sunny day I was able to enjoy in T-town~

  • 5. Sunbathing by the river in t-town about a moth ago.
  • 6. I wasn’t planning on going to the summer party, but I had so much fun~!
  • 7. The awesome laser man at the summer party!
  • 8. Spinach. Because I’m going to become strong like Popeye.

  • 9. Wraps with various of foods~
  • 10. Orange Juice in a sunny window.
  • 11. Loved the summer-house! (where I spent my runaway weekend)
  • 12. Snuggling indoors while its raining outside.

  • 13. Hyttegraut!
  • 14. porridge <3
  • 15. A bit addicted to sparkling ice tea? Yes we are.
  • 16. Tried to study for my last history test, loved the daylight flooding in.

  • 17. On the ferry on my way back, a beautiful weekend was sadly over…
  • 18. During the strike in Trondheim.
  • 19. Adorable bookmark I got from my mum.
  • 20. Suddenly felt like doing some gyaru inspired make-up again, so out of practice!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

From mindfuck to a typical thriller with guns

Hurray~! So I finally finished The Wind-up Bird chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It’s been over a year since I’ve started reading it. Read half of it last winter, then school took up all of my time. After that I just dreaded starting reading it again. Most because I just didn’t know where in it I was and struggled to remember what it was about.

Well, at least I’ve read it now. Haruki Murakami once again proved to me why he is my favorite writer. This book is a total mindfuck of different worlds and happenings that really doesn’t relate to each other but yet they are all equally important to the story. I loved it~! The ending was such an A-HA! moment.

Finishing this book means I can start reading another. Got several books for christmas last year, hard to choose what to read next, but I figured I needed something less mind disturbing so I decided to read a thriller by Lee Child, Worth dying for. It is always such a joy to start on a new book~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Orange Juice and a Mesmerising and Surreal Book


Hello sweeties! I am feeling a lot better today. I don’t have the need to sleep every now and then, and I am able to eat again. I am actually hungry, and that’s a big plus. For me a lot of sleep and c-vitamins is the best medicine. Currently curling up in bed with a Haruki Murakami book and some orange juice. Gonna muster some energy for a shower soon, then I’ll try to upload some pictures from what I wore on Friday. Have been blogging with my phone too much lately.

XXXXX ([]u[])

Turn on the light, Grab a magazine, Enjoy.

I love lamps you can twist and turn in any shapes you want. So I love the red lamp on my night table. Its head also really cute, looks like an alien eye or something. And damn its the best reading lamp I’ve ever had, so bright. And what am I usually reading on the bed? Fashion magazines or Haruki Murakami.

Two snapshots today, woho~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



…is kinda using words of English I didn’t quite know could have such meaning. Like ‘belted’ is to hit someone, up til now belt was just a belt to me. I’m just on chapter two and I have opened my dictionary several times..

I’m so out of it when it comes to reading English novels, I used to be good at it. But that was years ago.

XXXXX ([]u[])/


A Bookworm’s World

Have you ever had the oh so brilliant idea of visiting the local library to get some literature to read through the summer, specially if the weather forecast looks rainy and gloomy, and you’re coming home with 4 thick books and just can’t choose which one to start with?

Well, that is my biggest and really annoying problem right now. Do I want to read about hollywood crimes? The Last Coyote or Echo ParkMichael Connelly is, beside Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite writers. Crime stories may not be on the top of my favorite topic list, but damn his writing is keeping me interested.

Or maybe I want to read Stephenie Meyer‘s The Host; a story about souls taking over the human world, hosting bodies and eliminating its mind in order to take control of it. Of course there’s one girl who refuse to let go of her memories and her big love. I do hope this love story is different from Twillight.

Still, I think I actually might choose  Manda Scott‘s The Crystal Skull to read first. The only writer I haven’t read anything of before. The one about Maya Indians prediction that the world is going to end at 21st of December 2012 if the 13th skull stones aren’t reunited. The one that is going to scare me sleepless, because topics like that are making my heart pace faster and my hands to shake of a mild panic attack, and yet I find it horribly interesting?

XXXXX ([]o[])/