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Candy colors~

The minute I uploaded these pics I realised I should have done this update at home, so I could have written what colours these nail polish are in! Because I found some nice pink colored ones in the bathroom. But assuming their my mums, I couldn’t just steal them with me. And don’t as me why I didn’t write it down. Bad planing! But nice colors.

Love the shiny and baby pink one from Yves Rocher, and the more red-pink one from Depend. Also adore the combination! First time in ages I actually did it symmetrical, I am more fan if asymmetric  – choosing just one nail here, or two there to be another colour than the main. A totally fun way to get and play with some colors during your day~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A little pink here, a little pink there~

Details, details – it’s always so important for me to pay attention to details. Maybe because I’m an interior designer, and maybe because I like matching up stuff through colors. When I am wearing a pink shirt like I am doing now, you can bet that my accessories got some pink in them. And if I did my nails the same day, they would be pink too. I am even wearing my pink lipstick. Matching freak, me? Maybe ;)

XXXXX ([]u[])y~