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Christmas Shopping

I decided to take the saturday of and do some christmas gift shopping. I have a few presents that needs to be sent to Norway pretty quickly so it will reach their owners in time for christmas. So I went out the door…and something felt wrong.

No snow, no cold, no frost... and loads of sun.


Still, there was a bunch of people doing their christmas shopping today.

At least it seemed like it. It was pretty chaotic in the centre. It might have been because it was saturday morning. The picture below doesn’t do the chaos any justice. The queue went far from the counters, curling around the accessorize selves. Which also was the place most people found interesting. So much prettiness!

08dec_02 08dec_03It is also the season for high-heeled party shoes, or christmas shoes. Depends how you look at it. As always I have to small and petite feet to fit any of these. Actually I thought going abroad to the UK would make it easier for me and my shoe size issue, but no. They got size 3 which is size 36. Then some internet stores got size 2 which is size 34….

where did size 2.5/35 disappear to?

Anyways, I got the christmas gift shopped and packed. They are ready to be sent to Norway tomorrow. So my main goal was achieved.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Take a muffin break~ 

After breakfast/lunch Saturday the 6th, we went for a stroll in the shopping streets of Birmingham. We Found the Mailbox with all the exclusive stores and got a bit lost on our hunt for Lush, little did we know that it was just down the street from where we ate.

After happily purchasing bath bombs, we continued down to the train station centre and before we knew it we where in the middle of the Bullring shopping mall. This centre is crazy huge. Where its people everywhere and you have to stand in a queue to get to the stairs and there’s a constant hum of people talking.

After a while we felt like we deserved something light to eat, and took a break at the Muffin Break café at the top of the centre. M had a fudge like brownie while I enjoyed a gluten free apricot and banana muffin – which was very good!

After some more wandering around in the centre we went outside to get some fresh air, and sat down outside where we got a beautiful view.

Totally in contrast to the design of the Bullring!

Then I wouldn’t give up on the shops until I had found some perfect black gloves. And I’m glad for that because I found a cute stand who sold bubble tea. Which I had only heard about but never tasted, so happy I finally got to!

So I ordered one with Green tea flavor. Love it.

M enjoying his ice cream ~!

After that we finally took the taxi home to relax a bit before we went out to eat at a cute and charming greek restaurant. We had such a lovely saturday night in Birmingham.

XXXXXX ([]u[])y~




A stroll in Birmingham

In the morning of Saturday the 6th of october, we went down to the reception with the intention of ordering a cab to get to the main shopping street. When we got down there we realized it was a perfect sunny day, there’s no window in the rooms, so we decided to walk instead.

Which I’m glad for, because there is too much to see. Birmingham is a beautiful city, with a lot of old buildings in contrast to new and modern ones.

 And you know me, I love architecture!


Just had to get a picture of this sign, because I find it funny that UK need to have these. And I love how the sun sneaked its rays in the picture.

Below is the beautiful church that was right beside the hotel.

Thos buildings with glass structure seems like majestic gates we have to pass through to enter the heart of the city. Absolutely wonderful how they’re a big contrast to the brick buildings in front of them.

Interesting cross-over for pedestrians,it disappears into the building!



Over the bridge, then the city just hits you like a wave~

Lovely architecture.

This was one of the best parts with the walk, except for finding a place to eat break fast. Look at the contrast between two brick buildings. Light and elegance in contrast to dark and stiff. The red pipes still amuses me.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





Saturday Went by too Fast~

silly face is silly. These pictures were taken in a hurry~


Dolled and dressed up at saturday just because I felt like it, specially when it comes to my make-up. The top is new and I absolutely love it, simple yet so stylish. Also, went to a classmate with my friend at the evening and had a little home party. It was really nice, and I feel I’ve gotten to know my classmate better. She’s so adorable~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~          -  EdgyPop

Simple Saturday

This saturday is a simple saturday, meaning that I’m not gonna dress up, meet a bunch of people and hit the city. I’m going to tidy my room, then a friend is gonna come over after work. Then we’re going to the cinema to watch a movie, and afterwards we’re going back to me to make brownies and relax.

No, simple Saturdays doesn’t mean that its going to be boring, and sometimes it’s nice to dress up in comfy clothes and put on minimal with make-up, throw my hair up in a knot and read magazines with wool socks on my feet.

and doze of a little bit apparently…

Besides, I love to match up my new baseball jacket with my two pair of brown boots. Matching sporty with chic, comfy with patterns, casual with elegant. It’s just something I’ve picked up after reading a blog entry about korean fashion and matching casual with formal. Blend styles. It’s trendy.

Edit: Ah, well… No movie or brownies for me. My friend cracked and wanted to go out after all. My options now are: 1. shop some sweets and spend the night with Youtube. 2.Find another friend that alone and bored like me. And the last option is to go out, but I really don’t feel like being around a bunch of drunk ppl, or drink.. so..IDK…

Edit: I decided to not be butt hurt and go out with my friend

XXXXX ([]u[])y~