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vlog 1: Oh no, English!

Urgh, so I spent about 1 and a half hour redoing this vlog several times
because I can't stand my own english. Anyways, I hope it's somewhat 
Update: Wanted to blog this yesterday, but youtube or videofy.me didn’t agree. 
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Instagram Part III

I am falling way behind with my Instagram post. I probably should do them more often. I’m still home at easter break in the first line, but that’s finally the last ones. As usually, click the numbers to see them in full versions~

  • 1. Beautiful view from the living room, snowy and sunny~
  • 2. Last easter egg this year!
  • 3. Last cup of coffee at home this holiday
  • 4. Pink nail polish!

  • 5. Traveling picture in the airport bathrooms mirror, obligatory.
  • 6. Back at school, so much to do!
  • 7. Went out running and arrived at familiar grounds!
  • 8. New pink EOS lipbalm~

  • 9. Bought new shoes for spring~!
  • 10. Kind of my favorite cereal, lots of fruits, berries and oats.
  • 11. Purple lips! just had to get this lipstick (although it looks pink on the picture)
  • 12. My new shoes again. Love them.

  • 13. Coffee in my favorite kind of cup, small and round.
  • 14. Hairbun helper, not going to kill my hair to get a bun anymore.
  • 15. Awesome ring for just 20NOK, I love sale.
  • 16. One tired doggie, walking is exhausting when you insist on barking at everything.

  • 17. Delicious pizza! Even more so because I shared it with someone special.
  • 18. Tea~ And my adorable tea wand from Indiska.
  • 19. Don’t think I actually uploaded this… but world war maps are so frustrating!
  • 20. I just love the smell of my sheets.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

All the stuff I read, and all the stuff I drink.

Some pictures I took last monday while studying for my history test in WW2, saddly I became sick. But still, these pictures do resemble how it looks around me when I study for upcoming tests. A mess of papers, books, notebooks, pens, cups with different beverages and so on. Yes,  a cup of coffee and a big cup of tea is very important while studying. Saddly a bottle of sparkling wather is missing!

My desk will look something like this later on today, when I sit down to get ready for my upcoming mock exam in math. I really do hope this will be my last test in that subject. I am crossing fingers and everything I have that I wont be picked for math exam. I rather have NO and NO sidelanguage….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

School is making life too busy~!

I am sorry for not updating much lately, but I am prioritising my upcoming tests before my blog. It’s just how it is now during april and may. School is just way to busy. I had an NO test today, I have a science test tomorrow, an essay day on monday and a history test on Tuesday. I also have another essay day on monday after next week. Then I have a whole day test in math sometime after that.

AND after that the exam periods begins.

Anyways, this week has been pretty intense, and the start of next week wont be any better. I would love to shoot some outfit pics today (because I love my outfit) but right now I’m just way to tired after studying in science. But I hope to get better tomorrow, or that I’ll be able to update some during the weekend.

 And that I'll get time to take more pictures around town soon.

I am just being the big geek that I am, studying hard and forgetting everything else~

(PS.: Old tags, because its old pictures)
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April is the month of so much.

The winter is fighting the summer, an sometime it all will envolve into spring. Which means mild temperatures, and everything colorless will slowely turn more greener. It also means that my style and closet is in the middle of changing from layers, knitted sweaters and overknees to more lighter and colorful options. It is also that time fo the year when school is more busy and time consumint than you ever thought it could possibly get. The final tests befor exam is around the corner. Which means that exam nerves is creeping closer to your gut. It means that you’ll start looking forward to its all over, and you’ll be free for summer break. So I decided to make an inspiration post to welcome this month of so so much.

#1 Spring: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#2 Colors: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

#3 Trends: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#4 School: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4

#5 Happiness: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

So, like before I’ve linked back to where I’ve found them at Weheartit.com who is linking back to the original source. Puh! I’ve never worked so hard with making collages and likin to the source for an update before. This took hours, might have something to do with the fact that I was watching tv at the same time. Crime series for easter is a must.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Oh, Oh, Sometimes I get good feeling yeah~ 


On Tuesday was the final day of the depth study project and when we were going to hand it in. So I opted for a comfy outfit with my favorite harem pants and a loose sweater. And I finally got to take my cowboy boots out from the closet to use again, since most of the snow/ice on the ground is gone. YAY!  I originally had my hair up in a knot, but I celebrated the hand-in of the project with a visit to my hairdresser. Getting my fringe and original hairstyle back.

I am sorry for random and irregular updates lately. Hopefully I’m be back with more update since I’m done with that damn project on twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter. I just need to be able to talk and read without analyzing tweets and thinking “This and that on twitter is…” all the time.

And I finally got a weekend without having to think about schoolwork. Gonna relax and be lazy a lot~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

The intake of coffee increase with hard working

Yes, it’s the final and last day on my depth study on Twitter! I think my world have evolved around twitter for long enough now. Not that I’ll quit it, I’m just looking forward to not thinking about it all the time. Hard working brings me back to old habits – like drinking quite large amounts of coffee. I also chew bubble gum like a maniac and drink frizzy water like it was holy.

I also take off my shoes an crosses my legs, and I sit in other awkward positions too. And I think I look constantly annoyed, but I am in fact just very very concentrated.

Well, there’s actually not much left! Just checking for typos and grammatical errors + looking over to see if there’s anything that needs reformulation and editing. luckily I got such awesome family members that looks over it for typos and such. Since I myself often don’t see it. Anyways, 6 hours left! GO GO~!

XXXXX ([]u[])~


Underneath My Skin Lives an Eagle


Had a whole-day writing test this thursday, and knowing that I’ll be sitting on those painful school chairs for 5 hours trying to write something good – I dress up comfortable and warm. This time I wrote an essay about when different cultures meet, and how it has change through the year. I’ve never written an essay before, so I have no idea how it went.

This weekend I’ve been far too busy being social to blog or even tweet much. I had fun, but I really need a quiet alone-time weekend asap. Have to get through 5 schooldays first…. “Underneath these clouds there’s an ego” – Donkey Boy -City Boy

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Time Before

The time before christmas is super crazy!

Well, to be precisely: Last week in Trondheim is super busy, I’m traveling home in 4 days and got a bunch of stuff I need to do. I need to study for the last test before holiday starts, which is on Thursday. Then I have a few christmas gifts to make before I leave, and others I need to buy.

So much to do, and so little time!

Look at that list at the back of my hand.

It says I have to buy christmas cards and do my science reports. Since I’ve been laptop free, I’ve also haven’t managed to write and hand them in. I had planned to work out tomorrow, but I don’t think I have time!

Still, December and Christmas is a lovely time~

Bought a dress for Christmas Eve, but I'm not showing it before then;)

XXXXX ([]u[])    – EdgyPop