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Instagram XVII


Finally, I have reached my departure and arrival in UK in this Instagram update. This is during the first weeks in Wolverhampton and freshers week at the Uni. Enjoy~

  • 1. The handy couple installed new knots in M’s Kitchen
  • 2. Accessorize ~
  • 3. Outfit details.
  • 4. Totally missed this when I was in t-town…. (a coffee event)


  • 5. Tickets was ordered, house deal was almost signed, back then I had butterflies in my tummy!
  • 6. Pizza & Movies with my man!
  • 7. And I totally bought a new shirt before going abroad (there where space in my suitcase, ok!)
  • 8. Tired face after dinner and signing forms.


  • 9. Accessorizes once again~
  • 10. Desperately drying clothes 20 hours before leaving.
  • 11. M was sleeping and I was packing, 2 hours before leaving.
  • 12. Forst UK instagram HAD to be of a Starbucks cup.


  • 13. Outside the south part of the Uni.
  • 14. Ofc I got sick, but UK has wonderful stuff called strepsils and cold&flu relief.
  • 15. Halloumi salad!
  • 16. The wisest thing I did before leaving, buying a proper wallet!


  • 17. Uk got Quorn’s vegetarian lasagne~
  • 18. First night in the new house.
  • 19. Miss a lot of clothes, but at least I got my favorite shirts.
  • 20. Made tomato soup for the ladies~


  • 21. Reading this!
  • 22. Huge cup of coffee at Starbucks.
  • 23. One of the girls made burgers for dinner, yummy!
  • 24. Hot Lava Java coffee, the strongest coffee I could find.


  • 25. Love my suspender tights (and my new shirt, yes another one!)
  • 26. New bracelets from claire, Love them!
  • 27. Kitty in our backyard!
  • 28. Dying my hair, getting rid of that yellow tone.


  • 29. Adorable new book about paint and colors.
  • 30. spotted in a toilet in UK…. common sense?
  • 31. Lousy structures being built as a fresher task at school.
  • 32. starburst caramel wrappers is so cute.


  • 33. New top from Galstar with metallic paint print, love it!
  • 34. Missing you, M! (my dashboard background)
  • 35. Saturday night, wine + sweets+interior magazines.
  • 36. Making a list of designers and suppliers.


  • 37. Hairstyle! Don’t do this often enough.
  • 38. What usually happens when I get tired of reading…
  • 39. Totally addicted to doing this.
  • 40. Hair & make-up~
XXXXXX ([]u[])y~



Wants & Life ~



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1. Two colored message shirt. 2. Chiffon shirt with collar details.
3. Fake leather skirt w/star studs.  4. Baroque patterned t-shirt.
5. Cross patterned t-shirt/one-piece  6. Shoulder studs Dolman top

1. Tailored collar jacket  2. Cross & studded 3/4 sleeved top. 
3. Studs & print t-shirt  4. Asymmetric top w/studs & other details.

1. Long sleeved top with colored metallic paint drops.  
2. Studded military shirt.

The last two pieces is totally the ones I’m drooling the most on. So many wants from GALSTAR right now~! I would just love to get the top with metallic paint drops in grey, but I’m trying hard to not buy anything as I’m leaving for England in one week. Actually, in one week from now I’ll be sitting in either a hotel room or the house we are trying to get a signed deal on. And I bet I will be freaking out.

Anyways, I really do hope some of these still is available when I get settled and can order from GALSTAR again.

Right now I am enjoying being in Trondheim where I have studied for 3 years already. I am staying at M’s place and spending the time with friends, going to the gym and of course spending as much time with M as possible~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

After a series of bad events, something good has to happen.


Yesterday I had many things I wanted to wear. I wanted to wear that brown shorts, I wanted to wear a knitted sweater, I wanted to use the hairbun helper and I wanted to wear a scarf tied like a bow around my head. I also wanted to dress up in light colors. The difficult part was managing to do so with colors that actually matched somehow.

I am quite satisfied with how well the pink lace shirt matches my light pink military inspired knitted sweater. I haven’t used it in ages. Mostly because its itchy and require a shirt underneath. I had also pretty much forgotten about the brown shorts because it had drowned in the bottom of my laundry. And although my outfit worked out pretty well, yesterday was a trouble some day. I got late to school, forgot my headset, forgot my food. I forgot to bring my wallet with me when I went to buy me food. And when someone came over to make my day better, I started to nosebleed.

Just.. so not my day yesterday.

And today I overslept, because I fell asleep again after the alarms went of. Maybe this just isn’t my week at all? Oh well, I have decided to let nothing bring me down at all. If I stay positive no matter what, this week will be forced to be a happy one eventually~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I have never been so happy spending 500NOK on clothes before

That's right. Those two shirts was absolutely worth every single penny!

Well, technically I didn’t pay in penny, and technically they didn’t cost me 500NOK. 398NOK for the shirts + shipping from japan, + 102NOK because of Norway’s stupid import fees. Still all worth it!

This shirt is absolutely fabulous. The color is really light pastel pink, and I feel so feminine and girly in it. And I absolutely love the lace pattern and how its a totally see-through shirt. I need to get hold on some strapless bra-tops-ishy things, preferably in black, white and pink. Need to go on a hunt tomorrow. Oh, and the fabric is really comfortable. I was so afraid that it would itch, some lace fabrics tends to.

I also absolutely love how stiff the collar is! It stays in shape.

This one is a totally classic and feminine chiffon shirt. So elegant with the pieces of fabric across the chest and those cute golden buttons. This will look so awesome and good with all the high-waisted shorts I got, and not to mention how it would match up with my weekday jeans.

Oh, I really just can’t wait to dress up and coordinate outfits with these. Which one to start with for tomorrow? Lace or chiffon? Pink or creamy white?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


I don’t think I can ever get enough shirts in my closet.

I was originally getting up early to work on my NO dept study essay, but I got a bit occupied with drooling on clothes at my favorite shop, Galstar. And I came over these 3 shirts I just got to have!

The red one here is sold out sadly, the bordeaux color looks amazing~

But the other colors looks good too, hm mocha, green and/or black?

This lace shirt is so cute, I got to have it in pink! And white....

The black one here is sold out, but I don't mind I want it in white~!

Gosh these shirts, I want them so much. I got like 6 shirts already in my closet, but apparently I want at least 5 more. Which color to get is always the hardest thing choosing, making me want the two first ones in different colors.  Yay or Nay? Buy or save money?

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Flannel Shirts & a Short Necklace


I absolutely love the flannel shirts that Bik Bok was selling, so when they got on sale now in January I just had to buy them. Them, because I bought this beige one and one that’s deep red. The shirts are super comfy to wear! And the contrast between the shirts fabric and the imitated leather shorts is pretty cool. Also, I wasn’t a big fan of short necklaces, but wearing them like this made me rethink that~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Lost in Bliss

I've been talking much about shopping lately, time to show some purchases!

Finally got me a knitted sweater, I’ve been wanting one for so long! With the discount coupon I got it for half the price~! I find it weird that I wanted it in this pink color instead of grey, but I guess I just like it. It’s not something new that I like pink, I just rarely choose to dress in it. Time for a change maybe?

I’ve been drooling on that 5×5 limited edition shirt ever since it came out in the stores, it’s probably one of the reasons why I have started liking shirts so much. Patience pays of apparently, because it was in sale this weekend, and I got it for just 99 NOK (original price:399NOK).

I also bought this shorts that I thought was hideous first...

Then I remembered how much I love high waist shorts and how much I wanted another one. Now, the challenge is to find out which of these I’m going to wear tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u])y~


Knitted Love

Lately, I’ve been spotting pieces of clothes I want more than whats healthy for my wallet! Okay, I still got lots of spare money on another account, but thats what it is, SPARE MONEY. Can’t use them all up on shopping. Or? It is after all money that I have earned. I always get worried if I spend over 500 NOK on clothes. Always…

I can’t be the only one with that problem? Maybe I’m just so used to saving money, that my brain can’t proceed whats happening when I spend them. Haha… Oh well, I want knitted sweaters and white/striped/patterned shirts to have beneath. I’ve always thought that those two goes hand in hand.

Oh, there's so much I want right now ...

1. Grey knit top from SUGAR BLACK, 2. Dotted shirt from Galstar
3. Moa Knittet sweater from GT,4.Patricia Blouse from GT
5. Striped shirt from Galstar, 6. Appliqué Knit top from Tokyo Fashion
7. Knitted Sweater from H&M, 8. Lu Knit sweater in beige from Weekday
9. Eva Tunic from GT.

XXXXX ([]u[])/