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Instagram Part VII

Its been a while since last Instagram Update, so here’s part 7. I didn’t have time to make this kinds of post during my exam, I was quite busy either being sick or studying. But, that time is over. I can gladly tell you that I’ve been well for almost a week now. I’ve also been working out 2 times without getting a fever again, yay~! So I’m hoping I’ll get back to using Instagram as much as I used to~

As always, click the numbers to see each picture bigger!

  • 1. A beautiful day during may~
  • 2. Cake! Ate brownies at a café with my lovely friend.
  • 3. And drank Chili Coffee!
  • 4. I also discovered that almost every photo shoots in Costume contains either nakedness or boobs. why?

  • 5. afterschool napping…
  • 6. Love my dotted tights~
  • 7. Finally got hold of a mint green nail polish!
  • 8. Bringing (my) sexy back (out). Just love that top!

  • 9. Scrubbed of the club stamp and this happened. To much self-tan? YES!
  • 10. My face when I got selected for math exam, not so happy!
  • 11. Yummi vegetables!
  • 12. Coolest/cutest/best birthday cake ever~

  • 13. birthday drink, from someone special ^^
  • 14. Wet hat, 17th of May was very very rainy…
  • 15. One lovely gift I got, which I am going to wear every day.
  • 16. Waiting, someone is shopping t-shirts! (not me!)

  • 17. I made filled/baked red peppers!
  • 18. And they turned out amasing~
  • 19. My life during the week of my math exam
  • 20. Sleeping with Mr. Monkey again…
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

So this is life…

This is pretty much my life right now. Quite similar to last week.

Well, actually I am sitting much more up right now, because I suddenly felt much better. So there weren’t much need for me to roll around in bed with my blanket and my mac, risking it to almost fall on the floor or get over heated. Just kidding, I would never risk my mac like that~! But yeah, I got pretty mad yesterday when I got a fever again. Having a harsh cold for a whole week is pretty much enough, I didn’t need it all over again.

I got better! So what the actual f**k happened? I might have gone out sunbathing too soon, but who would be able to resist 25-28 degrees? I also might have hit the town with my girls too soon. But the mood was so right, and it was a good chance it would be our last time. So how could I resist THAT? And the fatal blow might have been that I felt so great I decided to work out on Tuesday. Then the fever hit me again, and I just thought “fuck my life…”, bought some orange juice and crept underneath my blankets again..

But now I am feeling better again!

And I’m wondering if I need to visit the doctor tomorrow… What if I just need to relax until it 100% gone. Why would I get better if it was a bacterial infection? Why spend money just to get told that it is a virus after all and I can’t get medicine for it? Gah…

To end this entry with something positive; 1. I am feeling better. 2. I am looking forward to the weekend. Because someone has asked me on a weekend trip to their cottage/cabin/country home. Not totally what to call it. But, it might be nice to get away for a weekend and totally relax. Because all this town and my room is reminding me of right now is being sick.

okay, ending personal ranting/complaining entry here~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Orange Juice and a Mesmerising and Surreal Book


Hello sweeties! I am feeling a lot better today. I don’t have the need to sleep every now and then, and I am able to eat again. I am actually hungry, and that’s a big plus. For me a lot of sleep and c-vitamins is the best medicine. Currently curling up in bed with a Haruki Murakami book and some orange juice. Gonna muster some energy for a shower soon, then I’ll try to upload some pictures from what I wore on Friday. Have been blogging with my phone too much lately.

XXXXX ([]u[])

DR. Feel Good

Well, isn’t it just my luck or what. I want to go back to getting sick in holidays only, because being sick when your busy sucks! My friend is calling me workaholic because I get more worried and stress for every day of possibly work time I lose. I guess I am anyway, that’s what happen when you want to go out of school with a good grade. A grade that satisfy myself at least, and that  got to be higher than C, but it doesn’t look so bright right now.

Anyways, PPL in the apartment next to me and above seem to be in a good mood. Shouting & playing loud music. I’m not surprised, its 16th of may. I’m actually more surprised that there isn’t more party life around here. Thought this was the big party night. Yes, it’s 17th of May tomorrow, it’s Norway “birthday”. And yes, I’m turning freaking 21 tomorrow.

It’s not that it bothers me to get older, okay, that was a HUGE lie. I am freaking scared of getting older, because I am freaking scared of the fact that I have to die one day. Still, I have to except the fact that I can’t do anything about it. So, no that’s not the bit IT. The big IT is that it doesn’t FEEl right. It doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like that big day anymore. Because when you grow up your birthday gets smaller, until it becomes something that almost doesn’t exist. That’s the disadvantage of being a student away from home & away from friends.

Okay, enough of this crap, I’m in a foul mood because I’m sick. I am going to make the best out of tomorrow, sick or not. I & my friends are going to go downtown buying me cotton candy, and I’m going to meet my sister. I am really looking forward to see her! And if I’m up to it I’m going to the amusement park-thing and take a carousel or something. YAY~!

Unf, I love Rania. I hate ppl bashing on them because of their sexy image. I love them for being bold enough for debuting with such an image and not going for the cute girl thing. And I freaking love their voices, so powerful and strong. So all the cute girls group with fluffy voices of a 13th year old girl who hardly knows how to sing can just go to bed asap. Foul mood is on again, ugh, BYE!

XXXXX /([]N[])/


13th of April – Hiatus

I really don’t want to do this, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s rude of me keeping you waiting for entries when I’m not in heath to do so. Last week I didn’t blog much because I was busy, and this week I haven’t been blogging because I’ve had fever since Monday morning. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem to want to let go. I am sleeping more than I am standing/sitting so there’s just no point trying.

I would be relaxing now but I have to pack and get ready for my train home. Easter break~ Once again I’m picking a holiday to be sick in. Terrific.

Well, that’s it, this blog is going to be on hiatus until I am well enough to stand on my own two legs without the fever and without the cough.

XXXXX ([]_[])