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Instagram part XI

I fought hard to overcome my sleepiness today. Managed to feel awake while I played Sims 3, but after I shut it down it was hard to stay awake. Figured I had to update and post part 11 of my Instagram entries. It’s from 26.06-05.07 – the start of my holiday, some extra working days and from when M was here. Oh sweet memories, like the night walk to the beach with Lele, JP & M. (yes I love their nicknames) As always, click on pictures to se each one for itself and lager~

  • 1. A day I had feathers in my hair~
  • 2. A walk one coooold summer say…
  • 3. Statkraft tar bare på naturen, selv om den kommer der den ikke hører til.
  • 4. Guess I was thirsty one day at work

  • 5. Tried to eat ice cream in order to get awake.
  • 6. Then I tried to drink ice-cold smoothie, yummy!
  • 7. Skeptic & tired face at work…
  • 8. Summer event with work!

  • 9. BBQ food~
  • 10. BBQ’ed fish and vegetables with salad and potato-something.
  • 11. Yummy strawberries
  • 12. Morning coffee one day instagram didn’t work…

  • 13. mmmmh, coffee foam~
  • 14. Yellow nail polish!
  • 15. More coffee! Morning coffee is always the best when in company of someone special <3
  • 16. When me & M was on the bus, on our way to visit Lele & JP

  • 17. There we drank beer in the sun with lovely people
  • 18. And took a night walk on the beach
  • 19. With lovely people & one blurry dog
  • 20. And crossed paths with a tiny river in the sand~
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

What happens when you visit a good friend

As you may (or not) know, I am back at my place in Trondheim. And as you may (or not) know, during the days I spent at my home place I also visited my cutest and sweetest friend. You know how conversations just goes on and on because you can talk about anything? And how you can spend time together in silence just because it doesn’t bother you? And that a lot of different things happen when you’re with THAT friend.

Well.. Here's how those days went by~

We drank coffee. A LOT. Morning, mid-day, after dinner, in the evening.

Had a groggy and early morning, sooo tired, not functioning properly...

Took pictures, talked about cameras and broken lenses, cam-whored.

Had serious conversations, talking about life,problems and school issues.

Stared at and tried to take pictures of not-so-willingly fishes.

Talked fashion, spring wardrobes wishes and colors

Had joyful conversations about life, rabbits, happenings and pinkness

Chopped and ate pineapples, had fun with the slices...

And made smoothie of it, orange and berries of course~

And took pictures of snails on a trip up the walls of its world.

Well, that’s what went on in a very simplified way. I just love spending time with my friends, being carefree, letting the conversations just flow freely. While talking with my friend I realized how much I relax when I’m at my home place, how its kind of my zen and meditate centre. And I realized that wherever I end up living in this world – I’ll always come back here to recharge and relax.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Smoothie Addict

I think I have become one. I am almost more addicted to this than coffee~

Mixing all kinds of things, failing and learning all the time

It's always funny to see which color they get~

The green one is one of my failures. It wasn’t bad, but it would have tasted better if I used apple juice instead of Cultura Milk. I am quite sure of it. I used Avocado, green peppers and a green apple. Love the nutty taste avocado gives the smoothies~

This one was really really delicious!

In this one I used frozen blackberries, a green apple and Cultura milk. This time the milk fitted and the frozen berries made it really cold. It was almost like I was eating sorbet ice cream. Yup, I am definitely addicted to smoothies~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Last Weekend Smoothie

This is like one week ago. Remember I mentioned in one update that lena came and visited me last weekend? Did I tell you about how epic it was? No. Well, it WAS epic. She’s so cute and friendly, and we share one big passion: Kpop!

Firstly, we had so much fun shopping, talking and occupying Thaibutikken. I don’t even know for how long we where there. With almost everything we saw, a discussion topic or random comment appeared. And god how much we laughed when my phone auto-corrected “buy some sweets” to “buy some jews” (it was in norwegian ofc).

Then we spent the rest of saturday just staking kpop groups on YouTube, watching SuJu laughing  and Mblaq playing, just to mention some. It was epic. At sunday we either sat out in the sun talking about everything or sat inside and watched and fangirled over different Kpop MV’s.

Do I need to mention we were so happy to finally have someone to share that interest with? No, I don’t think so. Also, after her visit, i think and do believe that we have become better friends, and it makes me happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Summer smoothie

Ah, spent the whole day sunbathing,reading about japanese culture and just walking around the house taking pictures. If I just knew where to find the macro lens, I could have played around like I wanted to do with the flowers. Oh well, there’s a day tomorrow too!

I also made one of the best smoothies on my smoothie-making career ever. Okay, so I cheated with a bag of frozen berries; raspberry, strawberry and banana. I used juice made of apple and pineapple, and it added an extra touch too it. Enjoyed it a lot while sunbathing!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~