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When snow falls, nature listens – Antoinette van Kleeff

It’s strange what the weather can make sometimes. This was the view from our living room a few days before I had to leave. I am happy to be back to the city, with the people I love and the opportunities and activities it has. But I can’t deny the fact that I miss this kind of views already. So magic and mystical, it looks like a painting.

But there is one thing I am not missing, and that is the snow. Don’t get me wrong, I am a winter person, but even I do get ready for warmer temperatures at some point. And here in the city the air has a hint of spring in it, so I am going on my first run outside this year in a few minutes. Just have to dig after my sneakers first! I wonder where they are…

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Out in the sparkling snow we go~ 


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Okay, it was more of out in the sun we go and enjoy the sparkling snow while we try to take pictures of it. I actually managed to capture some of the sparkle, although in real life there was a lot more than what it shows in the pictures. I am also quite happy I took two of my favorite knitted sweaters with me. It’s so comfortable sitting in the sun in it, instead of drowning in a huge winter jacket. It is also how I get out of the house and get some fresh air, to walk around and take pictures of stuff or just sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun. Not much else to do outside, but I am not complaining. Its nice~

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From rain, to snow and sunny weather

How it looked outside yesterday.I was surprisedn when I woke up.

This is how it is today, winter isn't over yet.

It is quite nice with the sun peeping through every now and then. We tried to make the best out if it and drank our morning coffee outside. It’s quite incredible how much the sun is warming already.

Later this evening I enjoyed some Kvikk Lunsj and Solo while I’ve tried to study some. Just because I feel that the subjects we’re going through in Science is quite complex.

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Snowy days makes the countryside so pretty

I love pictures that looks like a dream world no matter how I edit them. While taking pictures of the snowy weather I got the sudden idea to turn the blitz on, I like how it looks. Got to say I got disappointed when I got back to the city and there was hardly snow, just ice and such. But I guess, even if it snowed it wont get as pretty as it looks on the countryside.


There’s a crow in Winter Wonderland

I didn’t notice the crow untill I looked at the picture on my laptop screen. I’ve covered my SLR in plastic because I really want to take pictures outside in the snowy weather. But first I just got to se the final for men in slopestyle. Snowboard tricks looks so siiiick when it seems so effortlessly. Siick.

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