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April is the month of so much.

The winter is fighting the summer, an sometime it all will envolve into spring. Which means mild temperatures, and everything colorless will slowely turn more greener. It also means that my style and closet is in the middle of changing from layers, knitted sweaters and overknees to more lighter and colorful options. It is also that time fo the year when school is more busy and time consumint than you ever thought it could possibly get. The final tests befor exam is around the corner. Which means that exam nerves is creeping closer to your gut. It means that you’ll start looking forward to its all over, and you’ll be free for summer break. So I decided to make an inspiration post to welcome this month of so so much.

#1 Spring: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#2 Colors: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

#3 Trends: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#4 School: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4

#5 Happiness: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

So, like before I’ve linked back to where I’ve found them at Weheartit.com who is linking back to the original source. Puh! I’ve never worked so hard with making collages and likin to the source for an update before. This took hours, might have something to do with the fact that I was watching tv at the same time. Crime series for easter is a must.

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Proudly sunbathing~

It seems that takin pictures of our cats at home is obligatory while being here for the holidays. These are some I snapped of the oldest lady in the house while she sat on the railings sunbathing a few days ago. Before the snow came. She’s a beautiful and proud lady kitten.

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Effortless fashion of 10World

There's something about Korean fashion that's attract me a lot.

I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, specially since I’m not know for dressing up simple, but I guess there’s always a time for changes. I just like how simple the pieces in 10World‘s collection.

Maybe its the fact that it’s a brand that’s from another country and continent that attract me. The fact that this can’t get into everyone’s closets just as easily. I just really adore how 10World is sporty, playful and colorful at the same time without becoming to childish. I would also love to walk around in short denim shorts and over sized sweaters during spring~!

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Inspiration: Spring is almost here!

Hey! (wow, that's a rare thing of me to write)

I just wanted to make a little inspiration post for spring. Or, technically it’s not for spring, this is to keep me going untill springs hits the surface of this town. Because today when I went outside, it smelled like spring. The breeze had a hint of warmth in it. I was so awake walking to school. It was simply amazing. It simply had to be conveyed into an inspiration post. So lets keep on going until spring finally comes!

Credits to the ones who owns the pictures~!

I’ve tried my best to link back to where I found the pictures, just click on the pictures and you’ll be led to the source. I am so ready for spring and more colors, are you? I’m so ready I just had to change my blog design. Love the mint green color~

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