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Coffee at Starbucks

I have for several days now forgotten my camera at home every single time I have gone out of the house. But today I finally remembered it. So much have been going on the last couple if days, yet so much haven’t happened. Or so it feels. We have actually had a minor leak in the house, but to our defense, the main damage was done before we got here. And they had started to repair it, just weren’t finished when we moved in. So the last couple of days we had several visits by the landlord, whom I have missed every day. We also had visit by the middle man, the guy who fixes everything around here, and yesterday we had two electricians here.

It's nice to know that everything is being checked and fixed.

Most of the last days have gone to shopping at the way to huge supermarket, and cleaning around the house. A lot of main cleaning still need to be done. But both yesterday and today we have been running round in town. I’ll do an update about all that tomorrow. Because I am planning on going to bed soon. I have had my head in “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James all after noon. I am way to hooked on that book. For now; Look at that huge coffee cup I got for only 17NOK (£1.7)at Starbucks. In Norway we would pay around 60NOK(£6) for that amount of coffee. I love Starbucks, I love living in UK~!

xxxxx ([]u[])/~
p.s. as things starts to settle I’ll hopefully update more frequent!