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Colored Windows~

M &  I went for a walk around the river, and I found these lovely windows on a building by coincidence. You can’t quite see it when you walk past the building, it’s hardly noticeable. But I think it got enchanted though the camera. And I only snap a pic randomly while strolling through the neighborhood.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

At Dusk

I was feeling a little restless some days ago, when it just had started to darken a little. So I decided to take my baby out, and see if I could capture the scenes I had pictured when going home from school. I always walk past this stone church and that small path between old houses.

So basically this is pictures of my way to and home from school, just in a different light. Although I bet that it wont be long until it will look the same at the morning too.

My favorite is the one of Schultz gt. 8, it’s just something about the way the yellow light from the street lamp cast itself over the wall.

XXXXX ([]u[](y~