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Everything I got Is…

PINK, just bright glorious pink!

I wonder how this happened, cuz I didn't plan it.

It might be my crazy addiction to having things that match. I blame the cute wallet and the pencil-case. And of course, when the potions are grey, red, blue and purple/pink, I choose the latter. So it has escalated to this. When I went to purchase a sleeve for my Mac I just knew it had to be pink.

And, Gosh, I found a really pink one! Love it~

I find this obsession with pink stuff pretty weird....

Because I don’t tend to like overly cute stuff, I don’t decorate my room in pink, I don’t like to dress up in pink. But I guess I just like it as a detail, and because it’s a lively color. Fo full of life and vibration. Oh well… I need to get in bed. Got a test tomorrow, in the first two hours of school and I don’t want to fall a sleep in my test or something.

Heres my face because I just wanted to show it on my blog again, and now I’ll go before my ridiculous over-tired humor takes over. I’ll just write something weird then. G’nite~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    – EdgyPop