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Inspiration from Barbieyasi.com

Ugh, last day of a workweek is always hard. Of course I fell asleep on the couch again. What was I thinking when I decided to read?! Anyways, after waking up while watching the handball mach between Norway and South-Korea I decided to look through a page I’ve been saving for ever – Barbieyasi.com. And I think I am in love with it. So many beautiful pieces of clothing! It is very dangerous that its payday tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Sneak peek at present before going back to the past

I had to purchase some new tights yesterday. Since I’ve either accidentally ruined or stretched holes in the old ones. The starry one got a big hole by an accident, and the one with the glittery stripe at the back was stretched too far, so the heels are ruined. But that one was really small, it was annoying. And I am carefull with my tights although it might not sound like it.

So I got two new ones at Gina Tricot last night. One with tiny bows and this one. Love the pattern~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Lost in Bliss

I've been talking much about shopping lately, time to show some purchases!

Finally got me a knitted sweater, I’ve been wanting one for so long! With the discount coupon I got it for half the price~! I find it weird that I wanted it in this pink color instead of grey, but I guess I just like it. It’s not something new that I like pink, I just rarely choose to dress in it. Time for a change maybe?

I’ve been drooling on that 5×5 limited edition shirt ever since it came out in the stores, it’s probably one of the reasons why I have started liking shirts so much. Patience pays of apparently, because it was in sale this weekend, and I got it for just 99 NOK (original price:399NOK).

I also bought this shorts that I thought was hideous first...

Then I remembered how much I love high waist shorts and how much I wanted another one. Now, the challenge is to find out which of these I’m going to wear tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u])y~


Classy or edgy chic?


Had to buy this when I came over it at GT today. Once again, it’s a type of clothing I used to hate but now it fits my style so undeniably good. I am going to wear it tomorrow night ,but I need a top to go with it. Should I find something classy and cute? Or something edgy and rock-ish? A see through shirt perhaps? Give me some ideas here please!

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Get Rich on Scarf

At Saturday I went with mum on this new eco-friendly thrift store and I purchased a bunch of scarfs(update coming). The hair-tie bow look really matched what I was wearing, specially the top. Which I always have had trouble with wearing.

Now it’s on its way to become my favorite top, since I’ve fallen hard for the ethnic style, and this is one of the pieces in my closet that has the vibe of it.

I look strangely tanned, but I can assure you I’m not. It’s the bad light and that bronzing moisture cream that gives the effect, LOL.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


19th of April – Military or Geek?

I am so thorn between two different styles lately. I am really hooked on military colours and elements. Like Khaki green, I can’t put it down in words how much I love this colour! White, Grey and Black is also great colours to dress in, and lately I’ve been starting to like brown. I don’t need to describe military elements do I? Buttons, shoulder pads, thorn jeans and more~

But then we have my love for this geeky school girl/boy look. Which I’ve always have been taking in elements of in my style. Like nerd glasses, I just can’t live without them. Or suspenders which is a great detail over t-shirts or other tops. And of course the look you get when you put whatever you’re wearing above down in your jeans or pants. So I squealed a bit when I downloaded May’s issue of Popteen and found a lot of this geeky look~

Ah, so cuuute~ I’m beginning to realize that I need jeans shorts WITH suspenders. I need more shorts which actually fit my body form a bit better. Well, it isn’t summer yet so I could probably prioritize jeans before shorts.

So now the big question is: can you dress geeky & military inspired at the same time? Can I work both of the style, or will it split my wardrobe and give me style issues again?

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


15th of February – Badest Female Seoul City Ever Had

Right now there’s two women in my life that rocks my world. They are both unique in fashion style, and how they portray themselves as artists. In my opinion, Korea don’t need any of Lady Gaga, Ke$sha or Rihanna. They got Narsha, and they got the fantastic females of 2ne1, and the badest of them, CL~

CL <3

Narsha <3

Just super strong, sexy and inspirational females. I’m addicted to CL’s make-up style, and I love to do my eyeliner like her. I think she’s the reason why I keep cutting my bangs like that. And she’s definitely the reason why I want biker jackets and awesome coloured clothes. I’ve fallen in love with Narsha’s style quite recently and haven’t tried to put any of her style into mine. But I really want to try, because I love how she uses the eyeliner to create an illusion of where her global line is, and it make’s here eyes BIG~~

She’s so pretty in this Video. My friend think she’s Lady Gaga’s lovechild, I say that Narsha is way above Lady G. Inspired by the queen maybe, but she’s quite different from her. I loooove her make-up~

I haven’t watched this video until now, and guess what ~ I love it~! Park Bom is really gorgeous in dark-colored hair, btw. Cl and Minzy is so fucking energetic in this video its having a really positive effect on my mood. Yes, I  loove Cl in this <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


27th of January – Monkeybone City

What’s this new trend, just blogging every second day? Well, honestly school is taking up much time and lately I’ve prioritized friends and SLEEP. I’ve been a little bothered with tiredness even tho I’ve slept enough lately. Started around summer time, just no energy and tired. So I went to the doctor and took some tests. I was told I needed to take 3 months with iron supplements.

Here I am 6 months later and more tired than ever. I got the energy, I’m just tired without reason. I had the flu recently and it’s quite normal to be a little tired some weeks afterwards, BUT this is beyond normal! I sleep for 7-8 hours, but I am so tired through the day I hardly manage to keep my eyes open if I sit still. Like the kinda tired you are if you have been up for hours past normal when you have pushed the border a little. Can’t take more iron supplements before consulting with my doctor so…


With fringe down~

Braided the fringe to~

Anyways, I have found myself a new favorite hairstyle! Braids! I didn’t knew I could make these, I just tried out randomly one day and have been hooked ever since. So quick and easy to do in the morning. I’ve gone from being a Hairspray addictive bitch to thinking about my hairs health way to much. I’ve realised that if I want my hair to get long, I have to make sure it’s healthy and happy~

Me drinking coffee~~

I wore false lashes at school for the first time today! Was kinda scary, I was so worried that they would fall of or something weird. IDK how the glue is acting when it rains and is windy so I start to cry when walking to school. Didn’t to the bottom lashes, thought I would start “soft” so I don’t shock my classmates. Anylash, I am getting used to use them every day~! So far the statics are Lashes VS. Me: 1-3!

XXXXX ([]w[])/~~


16th of January – The Flu is Defeated

When I got home from school with fever on Tuesday, I didn’t expect that I would be down and gone for so long. On Wednesday I was fine except for the fever, but then it just got worse and worse and I have pretty much been in a fever coma the last days. I’ve hardly done anything that didn’t include sleeping or laying in bed/on the couch. Guess the flu got me, and it got me really bad. It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick for so many days, and ages since I’ve been sick in a school week. Luckily I just lost 1 day because of free days~

Today I’m almost feeling 100%, except for a little irritation in my throat and coughing. I am hungry all the time and am eating a lot so everything is good~ I am crossing my feet that I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, without getting worse. Because that’s what I’m most scared of right now. Going out thinking it all would be fine, and then before I know it the fever will hit me again. The nerd inside me is kinda worried about the new school project you see. I lost many hours of work by being sick, and by up coming thursday I must have some sketches ready.

Oh well I’ll manage. And just to not make this a totally boring update about me telling you I’m back on my feet, I’m sharing some pictures of inspiration I really enjoyed while being sick. Yes spent most of the time looking through magazines~~

XXXXX ([]u[])/