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15th of February – Badest Female Seoul City Ever Had

Right now there’s two women in my life that rocks my world. They are both unique in fashion style, and how they portray themselves as artists. In my opinion, Korea don’t need any of Lady Gaga, Ke$sha or Rihanna. They got Narsha, and they got the fantastic females of 2ne1, and the badest of them, CL~

CL <3

Narsha <3

Just super strong, sexy and inspirational females. I’m addicted to CL’s make-up style, and I love to do my eyeliner like her. I think she’s the reason why I keep cutting my bangs like that. And she’s definitely the reason why I want biker jackets and awesome coloured clothes. I’ve fallen in love with Narsha’s style quite recently and haven’t tried to put any of her style into mine. But I really want to try, because I love how she uses the eyeliner to create an illusion of where her global line is, and it make’s here eyes BIG~~

She’s so pretty in this Video. My friend think she’s Lady Gaga’s lovechild, I say that Narsha is way above Lady G. Inspired by the queen maybe, but she’s quite different from her. I loooove her make-up~

I haven’t watched this video until now, and guess what ~ I love it~! Park Bom is really gorgeous in dark-colored hair, btw. Cl and Minzy is so fucking energetic in this video its having a really positive effect on my mood. Yes, I  loove Cl in this <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



27th of January – Monkeybone City

What’s this new trend, just blogging every second day? Well, honestly school is taking up much time and lately I’ve prioritized friends and SLEEP. I’ve been a little bothered with tiredness even tho I’ve slept enough lately. Started around summer time, just no energy and tired. So I went to the doctor and took some tests. I was told I needed to take 3 months with iron supplements.

Here I am 6 months later and more tired than ever. I got the energy, I’m just tired without reason. I had the flu recently and it’s quite normal to be a little tired some weeks afterwards, BUT this is beyond normal! I sleep for 7-8 hours, but I am so tired through the day I hardly manage to keep my eyes open if I sit still. Like the kinda tired you are if you have been up for hours past normal when you have pushed the border a little. Can’t take more iron supplements before consulting with my doctor so…


With fringe down~

Braided the fringe to~

Anyways, I have found myself a new favorite hairstyle! Braids! I didn’t knew I could make these, I just tried out randomly one day and have been hooked ever since. So quick and easy to do in the morning. I’ve gone from being a Hairspray addictive bitch to thinking about my hairs health way to much. I’ve realised that if I want my hair to get long, I have to make sure it’s healthy and happy~

Me drinking coffee~~

I wore false lashes at school for the first time today! Was kinda scary, I was so worried that they would fall of or something weird. IDK how the glue is acting when it rains and is windy so I start to cry when walking to school. Didn’t to the bottom lashes, thought I would start “soft” so I don’t shock my classmates. Anylash, I am getting used to use them every day~! So far the statics are Lashes VS. Me: 1-3!

XXXXX ([]w[])/~~


16th of January – The Flu is Defeated

When I got home from school with fever on Tuesday, I didn’t expect that I would be down and gone for so long. On Wednesday I was fine except for the fever, but then it just got worse and worse and I have pretty much been in a fever coma the last days. I’ve hardly done anything that didn’t include sleeping or laying in bed/on the couch. Guess the flu got me, and it got me really bad. It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick for so many days, and ages since I’ve been sick in a school week. Luckily I just lost 1 day because of free days~

Today I’m almost feeling 100%, except for a little irritation in my throat and coughing. I am hungry all the time and am eating a lot so everything is good~ I am crossing my feet that I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, without getting worse. Because that’s what I’m most scared of right now. Going out thinking it all would be fine, and then before I know it the fever will hit me again. The nerd inside me is kinda worried about the new school project you see. I lost many hours of work by being sick, and by up coming thursday I must have some sketches ready.

Oh well I’ll manage. And just to not make this a totally boring update about me telling you I’m back on my feet, I’m sharing some pictures of inspiration I really enjoyed while being sick. Yes spent most of the time looking through magazines~~

XXXXX ([]u[])/


6th of January – Criminal Little Liars

Oh my… I spent most of the day watching criminal minds and pretty little liars, hence the headline. Because with boredom creativity vanish. IDK why I dared to watch criminal minds in this weather in the first place. Not that the series is scary, but I get so scared of sounds when I’m home alone, and its terrible windy today. Old houses, my friend, makes a lot of houses when its windy!

Anyways, when mom got home from work she once again had bought me something. Yesterday it was two pairs of leggings, light grey and peach orange. Today she gave me a pair of over knee socks, in a grey-ish color. I absolutely love them! They’re actually pretty warm and comfy. I want more of these! I just had to do an outfit with them at an instant~~

This outfit popped in my head at an instant. Well, actually in my head it was with a skirt, but then a gain, my heads imaginations isn’t always right proportionally, it looked way better with shorts. I need more shorts! And now some of my friend would be gawking “more shorts?!? She got like… 6-12?!”. Really. I need some that fits my figure a lot more, someone that’s more figure sewn that cheap H&M shorts. I really want some denim ones too~

Yay, for door handle in the background!

Poor pink eyeshadow, it must feel pretty molested and raped. I need to buy myself a bright pink blush, I don’t quite remember what color the one I have from Top Shop is, but I think it’s more deep pink. I definitely need a light pink one. Have to wait until I can afford so, sadly missed E.L.F’s free shipping offer today, but I just couldn’t afford it…  And then there was those shorts, harem pants and some tops that I really want to. DILEMMA! No, make-up first~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


3rd of January – Must-Have-List

Finally finished the StylePop page at my blog~ I was supposed to do it ages ago but I just couldn’t bother, so of course I decide to spend the evening after almost no sleep making collages in Photoshop. I was so tired at one point I don’t know what to say, I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. Anyways the Must-Have-List is done~

“I officially love harem pants, I wonder why it took me so long to like them. Now I just can’t live without them. I got a black one which I got….”

Of course you have to go to the page to see the whole update~ I’ll try hard to keep that page updated somehow, but it wont be that often. Maybe once or twice a month? Oh, well see. And I am thinking about changing the PicturPop page to MusicPop. Just because it seems a little pointless right now. I rather have a page which shows what kind of music I am addicted to right now. I usually just post about new findings and releases in my blog.

Anyways, won’t be doing that tonight. I am really tired and I’m just going to eat and go to bed ASAP~~

Edit: Oh, btw. This is how my list actually ended up:

1. Yoga Training

2. Shower/eat/get dressed

3. Send an email to an old teacher

– Went shopping with mum

(4. Send emails to possible places for internship)

(5. Start making a portfolio)

6. Make some picture collages for my blog

XXXXX ([]u[])y~