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Instagram XII

Wow, having an unintentional break from blogging and it just needs to be broken. So I’m going to post my instagram update number 12! These pics are killing me to watch. I want to go back in time and be there again. That week with M was perfect! I can’t believe its just been 3 weeks since the day when he jumped on the bus to catch his plane back. Pictures are from 05.07 to 09.07. As always, click on the numbers to look at the original version of each pic~

  • 1. Footprints in the sand
  • 2. Life right then was so perfect
  • 3. M was fishing
  • 4. It was quite magical there then

  • 5. Bought this at the local Thai store~
  • 6. Banana puffs, they where so yummy!
  • 7. And so cute.
  • 8. Norwegian strawberries is the best

  • 9. so tasteful and yummy~!
  • 10. Youngest cat getting scratched ^^
  • 11. Rose cider, a must at a lovely weekend.
  • 12. Morning cuddling, he decided to wake us up by demanding it.

  • 13. Bought myself a new top that weekend – love it!
  • 14. M and the Madame in the house~
  • 15. M was gone, so I ate some chocolate to comfort myself.
  • 16. And made some Love tea to warm my heart.

  • 17. Then I started working – cleaning..
  • 18.  My awesome elephant ring holding my other rings~
  • 19. Bought the best sweater ever!
  • 20. A header and chapter in 1Q89 that crept under my skin.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I Stole Grandpa’s Underpants

Okay, derp at horrible headers, but that just how creative I am right now.  Also, it what someone said my new cool pants looked like, old grandpa underpants. I love it for that look. It’s so weird its adorable. Well, I don’t need to repeat last post do I?

I have no eyes in these pictures since I had no make-up on, because I had just taken a shower. Still, I had promised myself to go out in the sudden nice weather, and find a spot outside to take outfit pictures. This was sadly the best one, got to go out on a new hunt another day.I also had a nice photo session with a cute bumblebee that whizzed around a flower. Gonna edit those pictures tomorrow after work!

Now I need to drool more on SuJu’s Mr.Simple mv! Watch it and give it the views it deserves. G’Nite~

xxxxx ([]u[])y~






Stunning In the Sun

This is a very belated update, it’s a few pictures from me and my dads latest hiking trip this sunday. The weather was amazing, and let me tell you that Svartvasshamran is simply stunning in the sun.

At the top, where we rested for a bit, we had sun from a cloudless sky. There was no wind at all, and it was so silent.

Now I’m going to go to a new local café and grab a cup of coffee with a good friend. Looking forward to catch up a little with her and her life, and to do something after work. Which I usually don’t do. Nice indeed!

XXXXX ([]u[[)y~


My Garden Is Green

Although you can’t see much of its color, yes, its god damn green. With some flowers here and there. I like it this way, lot’s of motives and really fun taking pictures of. I love how the light is here, when the sky is clearly blue and the sun is casting its shadows.

This is how sunny days go by: Mum and Dad gets up and start painting. We are shifting colour on our house this summer, from deep red to very light beige. I get up, a bit later than then, but still early enough to get as much sun as possible. Immediately after finishing breakfast I go out and lay down sunbathing.

After some hours I get a bit tired of just laying there listening to music or reading, so I grab my dads SLR and walk around the house a little, snap some pictures and chit-chat with mum or dad. Then I get back to sunbathing.

Oh yes, by the way, I finally got my “signature” on the pictures!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


1st of May – Sushilicious~

Sushi again? Yes, sushi again! This time I got invited by JP and Lele to eat sushi with them out in the sun. It tasted really really delicious , but the pieces were a little to big. Still, so yummi! The last days here in Trondheim have been wonderful, sunny, warm and nice outside~ So I’ve spent most time out in the sun in some way. Either is jogging, shopping, searching, laying on my lazy bum or working on my project.

The last one is kinda hard when you just want to lay down and enjoy the sun. So frankly, I haven’t done much on my project this weekend. Which is a pity because time is starting to REALLY run away from me! Gotta camp on school the next few days!!

Photographer in the sun

Photographer in action


Well , had a really nice day out in the sun with JP and Lele today too, and pretty soon I’m going to go out for a run.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~