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MusicPop: Week 10 – An Infinite Paradise

Wow, it has definitely been a while since I last made an update about my music taste. I’ve been busy with school, friends.. well, life in general. Does that mean I don’t have time for music? Hell no, it’s always with me whether is on my mp3, mobile phone or home playing loud.

New Luv: Infinite – Paradise

Ah, how long many weeks have infinite been on my lists in a row? I’m not quite sure, all I know is that they keep on releasing/performing amazing stuff. This song and MV is seriously giving me the chills.

This weeks Pop: Super Junior – A-CHA

How could this song NOT be here when the MV was released recently? Not to mention that I like the song more and more for every time I listen to it, and that the MV is fab. For Norwegians: do notice a fun fact, Yesung is wearing a norwegian bunad brooch. (cuz idk how the fuck to translate bunad)

This weeks Rock: CNBLUE – In My Head

Oh, in my head this song will forever be, stuck. CN BLUE always amaze me with their songs, love how they switch vocal and the rhythm of the song.

This week Something Different:

Trollol, decided that I would like to start charing something different. Just something that even I wouldn’t expect my self to like. Just for the fun of it. So this is it, I don’t know why I like it and that spider is honestly freaking me out. But damn, this song and MV is genius.

Hooked on:

Super Junior

I don’t even know how to describe how much I digging this song. Its like the epitome of swag and coolness.

Kim Jang Hoo feat. Heechul

Ya, this is too cute to be true. I love hearing Heechul sing like this, and I just became a fan of Kim Jang Hoo’s voice too. Love seeing the two of them goof around.

Kim Kyu Jong

So the last member of SS501 have finally debuted as a solo artist. Gosh, I just love the suspender dance~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


MusicPop: Week 9 – Its been a while!

Wow, it has definitely been a while since I last made an update about my music taste. I’ve been busy with school, friends.. well, life in general. Does that mean I don’t have time for music? Hell no, it’s always with me whether is on my mp3, mobile phone or home playing loud.

New Luv: U-kiss – Neverland

I’ve been anticipating U-kiss’ come back for so long! The teaser was really.. A TEASER. This sound fits them so good, it’s like ‘Light it Up’, just way better. Yes, I’ve always thought ‘Light it up’ was one of their best song, and the best sounds they ever had. This beats it, Neverland is awesome.

This weeks Kpop: Infinite – Be mine(remix)

‘Be Mine’ have been one of the songs I’ve played over and over and over again this summer, and listening to it now is kinda taking me back to it. I love the original so much, so when I saw this performance of the remix version I was blown away. It gave me goosebumps.

This weeks J/Pop/Rock: D’espairs Ray – Crossed Arrows

One of my favorite bands ever, which I’m hooked on all over again. It’s like renewed love. Sadly, they disbanded earlier this year. It still a bit touchy to me, its sad to think that I’ll never get the opportunity to see them live. It would have been amazing, they’re an awesome live band. Aah… I mean was….

Hooked on:

Super Junior


I.Cant.Get.This.Song.Out.Of.My.Head. Seriously, I am so hooked.

F.T Island

Same goes for this song, I think I can the lyrics for the entire song on my “wannabe”-korean. I love the feeling this song has, and what it’s about~


Oh, I just love the korean version of this~! cuz, if I got it right it was released on Japanese first.


This song is just beautiful~ Keving and Hoon’s vocals, the lyrics, the piano, the background vocals. Everything.

Sak Noel

Ah, why I’m hooked on this? Because it’s reminds me of a lot of fun. Going out with my class ect., and it has kinda ended up being my and my friends song. We keep on saying “what the fuck!”. We are hooked.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


I Got You, Babe~

It finally came~! Gosh I’ve been so anxious about this, since so many things went wrong when I purchased it. First I chose wrong type of payment and the next time paypal derped on me. Well, now it’s finally here! My example of Mr.Simple with Eunhyuks cover~

My camera has decided to derp with its quality. After changing the setting to take pictures in some bad lightning, I have just never gotten it back. All the pictures looks so rough and sandy… LOL!

I just love the cover. The concept and the photos are epic. How to say it…. It’s so ugly it become awesome. You Norwegians know what I mean.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


MusicPop: Week 8 – Rabotonic

So I have discovered SoriBada, a nice page, very much like other music providers, but for korean releases. Like others, you make a monthly contribute and get to download music. This have given me an extra source to discover new music. So, here we go~

New Luv: Supreme Team – RESPECT my money

I knew who Simon D was through watching Oh My School variety show, and I knew he was a part of the Supreme Team rap duo. So I fully blame SoriBada for this, I had no idea rap could be appealing to me. But this is kinda addictive… very addictive.

This weeks Kpop: Super Junior – Mr. Simple

If you seriously thought this update would come without Super Junior’s new single at this spot, then you must be new to this blog. To me in general. Going on, I love the fact that this single got some signature sounds from the previous singles, as well as some signature moves from the choreography. This is unique, this is Super Junior.

This weeks J/Pop/Rock:

I am skipping this one for this time, because I can’t recall any japanese/rock songs that I have thought about giving this spot to. It has been a very un-rockish week.

Hooked on:

Super Junior

This is, and very quickly became, my favorite song on Super Junior’s new album, Mr.Simple. I just love the sound, the melody, how the phrases are sung by the members, I love how each member sound in this song. The bridge and chorus are totally killing me.

Chae Yeon

I’ve been listening to her before, and I have more than once thought that her singing is a bit weak. I can’t quite stop thinking it, but I still love her songs.

Areia Remix

This is adding two more song to my all ready long list of favorite k-pop remixes. Most of them are done by Area.

So this was it for this time, gosh it took a while! Figured why I called it rabotonic? I was going to let the header be Robotonic because of the sound in most of the songs, but then I got bugged that the rap song of Supreme Team wouldn’t fit, so therefore rabotonic. Lol.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Music to Pop: Week 5 – Freak Out!

I kinda skipped this post last weekend and I really regret it because the pile of music to share has grown so much, the list has started to become a really blurry mess.  Still, for the sake of not letting my schoolwork pile up in the same way I had postpone something. My life is postponed, I’m not supposed to have one right now, but I just can’t keep my ears (hands) away from new teasers, new MV releases, new live performances and so on~

New Luv: Jang Woo Hyuk – Time is [L]over

Jang Woo Hyuk is definitely my new love, I am not quite sure I’m raping the replay button on this because I love this song or because I love the choreography. Hence why I’m posting the dance version of the MV. I still can’t believe that a human can have such control over the body, it’s just freaking awesome. And I just love the dancers who is doing the hand wave-thingy during the chorus.

This week K-pop: SuJu Happy – Sunny

And no one is ever gonna respect me again. No, just kidding. This song got this place on the list because it makes me freaking happy!! Well, all of Super Junior Happy songs makes me … Happy! When I’m down, sulking over being such an anti social school freak, or being depressed over not being able to focus on my work and so on with the list of reasons for being down.. I just put on this, Cooking? Cooking! or Pajama Party, and I’m up bouncing around in 3 seconds. It’s unexplainable, it just happens!

This Week J-rock: The GazettE – Uncertain Sence

What not Vortex? Well, it’s no fun on reposting songs I’ve already shared all the time, is it? By all means, Vortex is still awesome as hell, but the single got two other great songs I love too. After posting SuJu, then this, I’m left with the feeling that my music taste is some what bipolar.

Hooked on:


Omg, I just can’t believe I’m hooked on a football song. And it’s Korea’s VM song too. I’ve been replaying this SOO much while sitting on school working like a dork. LIKE A DORK literally because it’s impossible to sit still while listening to this. In my eyes(ears) this beats Shakiga’s VM song x10294810.

Areia Remix:

Two of my favorite remixes at the moment. Generally I’m hooked on all of his remixes, but lately these have been tasting the replay button abuse.

Orange Caramel:

For some reason I keep on reading “orange camel” and think ”hm, what a strange name” every time before I realise it’s CARAMEL. Oh well, I just love this song and MV and all the weirdness it has. Oh holy crap the shoes in the beginning is pure love!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Music To Pop: Week 3 – So Jiggy~

I listen to music a lot, like 70% of the day when I’m not with friends or have classes, I listen to music. Of course it’s great with a break and silence now and then, but I can assure you they’re really short breaks. Lately it seems like I never turn of Itunes, it only is when I shut down my laptop. When I’m not playing my own lists, which is like listening to a radio (7000 songs gives that feeling), I listen on HelloKpop or Maerong Radio or surf around YouTube to find new songs. Which Just make’s the amount of songs on my laptop rise.

Oh well, let’s get on with the list shall we?

New Luv: 2Ne1 – Lonely

No one else deserve this spot right now. I’ve blogged a little about this song before, and it’s so beautiful it won’t hurt to do it again. Because 2ne1 is my girls, the #1 female kpop group that I’ll always support and love. There’s just something about them that keeps me attached to them. I love their aggressive style, and powerful ways of singing, but I’m happy to hear a song which really show their talent naturally.

This weeks Kpop: SuJu – What if

This is definitely this weeks kpop song, or better, ballad. After seeing this performance of the ballad, ‘What If” has been replayed and replayed a lot. The more I play it the more I love it. I can’t really explain it why I would fall for this type of song so hard, other than that’s there’s 4 singers with great voices whom I respect a lot that sings it. And it gives me goosebumps. Especially Sungmin‘s parts, the one who comes in last.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Ayumi – Microphone

Ayumi is and will always be my #1 female idol, oh I admire her so much. Shockingly enough I  haven’t played her songs in a while, but lately Microphone has been going on repeat. This is in my opinion one of her best “rock” songs, and that pipe organ play in the beginning is such a lovely contrast. Just to sad I couldn’t find a full version of the song on YT.

Hooked on:


I kept hearing the intro and the jiggy phrase somewhere in one of the remixes I listened to, it never occurred to me that it was F.Cuz. I can still remember it like it was yesterday when I found their mv for “No one”. I love F.Cuz, I really hope they come back soon. Because I wanna see more of this:

Oh the intro and the first verse is so perfect, and when the chorus break out I melt, but its the second verse and the beat it has that really gets me.

Jay Park:

What can I say, I love this guy, I love his voice and I love his dance skills. It took me a while after the release before I listened to this. I don’t know why, I should just have done it right away. There’s so many parts in this song that I love it’s hard for me to comprehend and type right.


Mblaq has been doing really good since debuting in japan, and I love hearing them singing japanese. Although I listen to mostly kpop, japanese is still the language that send chills down my back. They just sound so incredible smooth, well I guess they always have, but smoother. They sound different in a good way at least. And I like how well they have adapted to the japanese music industry.

XXXXX ([*]w[*])y~~


8th of March – Off My Mind~

Here’s todays big news! I’m not a fucking Circlelense virgin anymore! Yes, I am so happy~~ 1. Because it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I was so prepared that it would hurt,sting & burn. Guess I was veeery careful with the cleaning. Still, my hands where shaking as fuck. 2. It was way easier than I though. Everywhere I read people wrote that you had to practice it, or try a few times before getting it right. I got them in almost at the first try every time. And as said, my hands where really shaking. I’m Satisfied~

This is BIG DM23 in pink~ These where really easy to get onto my eyes, although they felt really fragile in my hands. My first thought after putting them on was; “WOW, without make-up I look like a fucking alien”. Such a virgin thought!

I knew that these wouldn’t change my eye color THAT much so I weren’t expecting all pink eyes. Still, I’m really satisfied with how the pink colour blends in with my own blue giving my sometimes seablue & sometimes aqua blue eyes a total different shade. And the enlarging effect? A lot more than I imagined~!

See for your self! Quite a difference isn’t it?

Now, since I haven’t checked my cameras power lately, the battery died before I could get pictures of the other pair. Which is, just for the record, Barbie Big Size in Grey. The pink pair felt a lot more comfortable on. I hardly noticed them the 10 minutes I had them on. Been wearing the grey ones for over an hour now, and I’m noticing these a lot more than the first pair. I honestly understands why people say that you have to get used to wearing circle lenses.

I can really feel that I’m not used to it. Maybe I should start with wearing the pink ones, then slowly start wearing the grey ones over time~ Time to take these off now. OH, just adding my favorite song atm~~ Henry’s awesome song, made by him and his lovely voice~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


25th of February – Tai guo xin ji

Oh this is too much for itsy bitsy tiny me, 2011 seems to be the big year for Kpop. So many incredible good new releases. I have to agree with Ron when saying a girl would explode by feeling to many different emotions at the same time. Although I just want to explode because of all this happiness bubbling inside me. Honestly, I’m a ticking bomb right now.

Yesterday, BIGBANG released their 4th mini album. I’ve been really looking forward to this, tension built up for days. Cruel YG Entertainment teased the fan with tiny vids for days. Finally, yesterday I was able to listen to the album, and its great! They even reached high on the US iTunes list. Yes, you can purchase the album for around 56NOK if I remember it correctly. Haven’t decided it my budget can afford it, but I think so. If you want to listen to the songs before hand, just click here.

THEN TODAY, Super Junior M released their new mini album and the MV for ‘Too Perfect’, which is a song that has been going on repeat on my MP3 for days. I’m beyond loving the song, it makes me so happy. So watching the MV was incredible. The dance, the lyric, the theme, their outfits & everything. I’m totally blown away and I keep watching it over and over and over and over…

I have to admit I never noticed Zhou Mi before watching this and I started to wonder who that tall skinny guy with orange hair was. He just stand out in the MV. And honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the names within Super Junior. Oh, I just have to say it because I’m so caught up in him right now, I love Ryeowook’s parts in this song, and his high tone towards the end~

I once read that someone didn’t like SJM new songs because they where on Chinese and that it sounded quite weird, I’m actually surprised how amazing ‘Too Perfect’ and the other songs is sung, and can’t imagine them sung on any other language. If you want to listen to SJM new album, just click here.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~