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Tiny joys in life: When someone surprise you with a gift!

This was totally unexpected, I am really grateful for it~ Somebody I know had recently been in London and came back with a gift even tho I didn’t ask for it. She asked me before she went it there was anything she could get me, but I just couldn’t come up with anything. Neither could I afford anything. Then when she came back she got two unique and beautiful sets of lashes~

The PaperSelf lashes is simply stunning! Just look at the butterflies and the deer at the end. Wonder when I’m going to use these, must be a special occasion!  I am so going to try the long ones next time I’m going out~

XXXXX ([]u[])/

A Pleasant Surprise

I am spending most of the hours I’m awake during the day in front of my laptop, either working, or taking a break by reading/watching stuff. And it just hit me that my breaks should probably be away from the screen. Oh well, I did do some training today and I realised how much I’ve actually missed it. Now, although the fact that I’ve been drinking 2 cups of coffee and 1 can of Burn, I am slowly beginning to feel tired. Happy yes, happy~

I’m also happy because I’m rich. Yeah, rich on coffee apparently. I went to the grocery store to get myself a new supply of food,I actually had NOTHING to eat. I was almost out of coffee too, or so I thought. So of course I bought myself a new pack of Senseo dark roasted coffee pads. And I spotted this coffee can my former roommate had left behind (on purpose or?)

I opened the can and got surprised there already was pads in it. I can’t remember if it was done by me, like before easter break or something. I could have done it. Or if it is my former roommates doing, and I’ve just discovered it weeks after she moved out. I am really really not sure. Needless to say I got a pleasant surprise! I don’t think I need to buy more coffee until summer break!

OH HOLY MOTHER OF—! I love this song so much!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~~