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We Heart Sushi~

We had been whining for a very long time how much we wanted sushi but couldn’t find sushi rice anywhere. We just hadn’t looked good enough, because suddenly it was there. Not daring to let it out of our sight again we dropped in our shopping basket and purchased all the ingredients. It was sushi sunday!

And gosh is was delicious to finally eat and taste it 
after so many weeks of longing~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XVI

Time for an Instagram update! It’s the last few updates from my summer break. I am getting closer and closer to the time I spent with M in t-town before going to the UK. I miss my clean eating habits, my workout routines and having good structured routines. It’s about time that the “I have to test everything”-period is over food and sweet wise. I need my healthy habits back. A new habit added to my list is yoga and meditation :) Well, enjoy~!

  • 1. Enjoying the sun during summer~
  • 2. The in tea I don’t care how much sugar it got, it reminds me of my grandma.
  • 3. Inspired by my friend I tried a new hairdo, the side-bun.
  • 4. How ready I looked for a workout. It still happened tho.

  • 5. Progress: stronger arms/back. (progress died when moving to uk…)
  • 6. Lunch <3 (my eating habits have died too….)
  • 7. Kicking it in my asymmetric leopard skirt.
  • 8. Loving sepia pictures~

  • 9. Sumer outfit. :)
  • 10. Found my first mobile phone ever. Old school.
  • 11. Oh so tired…
  • 12. Deciding what comes with me to the UK, and what doesn’t.

  • 13. I’m a coffee addict.
  • 14. Painted my toe nails red, and my feet looked cuter.
  • 15. Colors. I love wearing them.
  • 16. Yummy snack: Galia and cantaloupe melon, mango and pineapple.

  • 17. Drinking the Energy drink Burn, although it looks like mouthwash.
  • 18. Fried scampi with garlic. I like them buuuuurned!
  • 19. Going on shopping trip with good frieds~
  • 20. Yummy juice drink while waiting for sushi.

  • 21. Bought new earrings, btw they hurt!
  • 22. Love my hairstyle~
  • 23. Sushi!
  • 24. Yummu~!

  • 25. Exactly.
  • 26. Last weekend at home up north was over for this summer. Good memories <3
  • 27. <3
  • 28. My new, orange and awesome suitcase.

  • 29. Sorting out accessories to take with  me t the UK.
  • 30. From when me and Lele took a swim in the sea.
  • 31. Having too much I want to take with me!
  • 32. Outside M’s door, well he wanted a surprise~!

  • 33. spotted Pantone cups in all kinds of colors when I was in T-town.
  • 34. Overknees, dotted tights and ripped denim. Oh yeah.
  • 35. With a lovely pink-red sweater~
  • 36. And awesome cap. (Which I took with me to the uk, yay!)

  • 37. Beautiful days in t-town!
  • 38. Morning coffee in the cups I gave M for his b-day~!
  • 39. Then, i was so addicted to shorts and overknees. Still am.
  • 40. Nerdy face~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

1st of May – Sushilicious~

Sushi again? Yes, sushi again! This time I got invited by JP and Lele to eat sushi with them out in the sun. It tasted really really delicious , but the pieces were a little to big. Still, so yummi! The last days here in Trondheim have been wonderful, sunny, warm and nice outside~ So I’ve spent most time out in the sun in some way. Either is jogging, shopping, searching, laying on my lazy bum or working on my project.

The last one is kinda hard when you just want to lay down and enjoy the sun. So frankly, I haven’t done much on my project this weekend. Which is a pity because time is starting to REALLY run away from me! Gotta camp on school the next few days!!

Photographer in the sun

Photographer in action


Well , had a really nice day out in the sun with JP and Lele today too, and pretty soon I’m going to go out for a run.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


23rd of April – Good Friday Sushi

Thats right. When everybody else was out on the beach BBQ’ing we decided to make homemade sushi instead. I was really surprised when dad during christmas break told me that we had to make sushi sometime. And I haven’t really thought that a sushi night would take place in this house. Still, I am really happy that we decided to actually do it this time~

Dad was of course the one preparing the fish~ We decided to make sushi with trout, monkfish and catfish. No salmon, but trout is just as good.

I made the rice, which got quite tasty. I’ve made sushi before but then we didn’t add any seasoning in the rice. I could’t taste a big difference this time. Don’t make sushi without it, because it makes the meal quite delicious and tasty~

Haha, I love how my hairdo fit the setting. Well, I was also the one rolling the maki’s while dad cut them in pieces. Made a few nigiri sushi, because I really love them.

For vegetables we used cucumber, peppers and spring onions~  I get why peppers wasn’t in any of the recipes we looked at. It’s crispy and comes as a surprise when you eat the maki rolls. Still, it tasty and good.

Ready to teach the newbies about japanese courtesy and how to eat with chopsticks. It was quite fun to watch mom and uncle struggle a bit with the chopsticks. I am quite satisfied with the rolls we made, they were really tasty, and the evening. It was once again a nice evening with my family.

Saddly easter break is reaching its end soon, and I am starting to feel the stress about my project. I’m still way far behind due to my illness, and I’m slowly trying to reach the end of the sketch project before we’re back at school to start with the technical drawing part.

XXXXX ([]u[])~