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All the stuff I read, and all the stuff I drink.

Some pictures I took last monday while studying for my history test in WW2, saddly I became sick. But still, these pictures do resemble how it looks around me when I study for upcoming tests. A mess of papers, books, notebooks, pens, cups with different beverages and so on. Yes,  a cup of coffee and a big cup of tea is very important while studying. Saddly a bottle of sparkling wather is missing!

My desk will look something like this later on today, when I sit down to get ready for my upcoming mock exam in math. I really do hope this will be my last test in that subject. I am crossing fingers and everything I have that I wont be picked for math exam. I rather have NO and NO sidelanguage….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

School is making life too busy~!

I am sorry for not updating much lately, but I am prioritising my upcoming tests before my blog. It’s just how it is now during april and may. School is just way to busy. I had an NO test today, I have a science test tomorrow, an essay day on monday and a history test on Tuesday. I also have another essay day on monday after next week. Then I have a whole day test in math sometime after that.

AND after that the exam periods begins.

Anyways, this week has been pretty intense, and the start of next week wont be any better. I would love to shoot some outfit pics today (because I love my outfit) but right now I’m just way to tired after studying in science. But I hope to get better tomorrow, or that I’ll be able to update some during the weekend.

 And that I'll get time to take more pictures around town soon.

I am just being the big geek that I am, studying hard and forgetting everything else~

(PS.: Old tags, because its old pictures)
XXXXX ([]u[])y~