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.Creative Block.

To be creative is sometimes hard. When you set up barriers by negative thinking, it becomes a huge creativity block. I admit, I am very got at doing that. And doing my final year on my bachelor, I don’t have time for struggling with these barriers.

This is a very sensitive topic for me.

Because although I openly admit I’m shy, I really don’t want to be a unsure designer. So enough was enough for me, when I yesterday realized I have more or less shut of my creativity due to being unsure. I’m not enthusiastic because I’m to unsure.

So this morning I thought to myself, “what can I do about it?”. Well, I can’t change my personality, not much at least. But I can and will try to look at solution to my barrier problems, and stop doing nothing about it.

Because that is literally digging my own grave.

I have spent the day thinking on whats making my brain spin around, what is triggering my creative imagination. And here is the list.

  1. Music and being somewhere I can sing along
  2. Working out, believe it or not but I think a lot about my project during workout.
  3. Walking, same as above.
  4. YouTube, because watching vid’s of brave people makes me believe I can be something.
  5. Dressing up, because I love creating my own style
But that isn't much is it?

All it does it boosting my self-esteem and it gets me thinking. I need somethings that helps me putting creativity down on the paper. Different techniques. Like these:

  1. Read and article and come up with 10 design solutions of the problem discussed.
  2. See how long you can talk (and make sense!) without using a common word, like ‘and’,’but’, ‘the’ or ‘that’.
  3. Think for a half hour a day exclusively on one subject.
  4. Learn something new every day.

For more ideas check out this and this page. And one thing I really should work on, is positive thinking. Because I like interior design work, and I should focus on that. Not all of my worries. If thinking negatively makes you negative, then thinking positively surely must make you positive.

And at last, here is some links to pages/articles I’ve been reading this morning which I find really helpful.

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XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Turn your day around and think positive

Yes, I was dreading to sit down and start working on my dept study on twitter. Just because there is a lot to analyze and write. So after reading some about positive thinking, how to make things you’re dreading into something you like. So I just wrote positive words and quotes on some post-it stickers and decorated my laptop with them.

I probably didn’t get any more concentrated, but at least my day got more happy and colorful. It left me a bit more positive about my study than what I originally was.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~