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Organize thoughts and accessorize!

I realize I have been very vague about whats going on in my life. I never been the kind of person who tell much about whats in my head, but I never thought writing it down would be any problem. But I am picking up some hits that I don’t tell much. Okay, now I’m just sounding way to serious.

Yes, my head has been a pretty soup of mess ever since I found out that I was going to the UK. I’ve had a hard time finding out myself what my head is thinking. But I am finally about to realize that I am here, that I have registered at the local university at Wolverhampton, that I am going to finish my BA in Interior design in about 9 months. Wow!

And here I am strolling around in my own bubble in a town where people driving sit in the wrong side of the car, and drive at the totally wrong side of the road. Where the cashier at the grocery store ask if I’m okay and calls me love or dear.

It's all so surrealistic.

I might have been confident about my education and choosing to study abroad, but honestly, I never thought I had the guts to do this. I still don’t know. I’m a shy person. And when I have to speak another language than my native one, I’m definitely shy! Oh my, I guess I’m just freaking out a bit here.

Welcome week at the Uni is starting tomorrow – I am going to meet people! I am going to get a ton of information in english. Some time during the night I better turn into a sponge so I could just suck it all up without problem. But hey, some part deep down in me is hell of excited for tomorrow.

And another part is quite happy I managed to type some of my thoughts down. For the first time I feel like I’m writing to someone out there. I like it. Oh, I better get some sleep so I’m fully recharged for tomorrow.

In the mean time, do enjoy my cute accessorize organizer!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Before leaving~


So this is the end of a period and a start of another one for this blog. Because tomorrow morning, or night to Tuesday, I’m starting my route towards the UK. I am very glad that everything is more or less ready, and that I can sit here without being totally stressed. Of course I’m a bit stressed, I’m going to study in a foreign country.

Hence why I think how I run this blog is going to change a bit.

Because life in the UK is going to be totally new for me and I want to share it with you. It’s going to be an exciting journey, but also a hard-working school year. But I have promised myself to blog more efficiently with quality. No quick fixes any more. Life,honesty and interests. And honestly, I have no idea what so ever how life is going to be in Wolverhampton, so I have no idea how much spare time I’ll have. All I know for sure is that I want to keep friends, family and other curious beings updated.

So,right now I am M are making dinner. He’s going to work from 16PM to 22PM. Because I am going to leave here around 4AM  I have decided to try to get some sleep while he’s gone. My suitcase has been packed, but I am going to re-pack it at least one time. Or twice. Or a thousand times.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

What I’ll paint on my canvas is up to me.


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Make-up! Or my face as others like to call it.

When I think about it, its strange that this has become my “face”, my identity. Through my life I have met a handful of people who hasn’t recognised me without make-up. And I am not the kind of person who can’t go outside without make-up. I do it all the time. I just love dolling up, meeting the day with bright lipstick and long lashes. A way for me to just make my day better. Because it’s kind of a hobby for me, a routine I do in the morning in order to wake up, just like the first cup of coffee.

So maybe this is my “face” after all, the natural me is more like a starting point. A canvas. All the tools (make-up, brushes, lashes ect) are available, why not use them? Why is it such a bad thing to do in someones eyes? Just because I like it, doesn’t mean I judge you badly if you don’t. It’s like my view on vegetarism vs. normal diet. If you accept that I don’t eat meat, I’ll accept that you do. So if you just accept that I wear this kind of make up almost every day, I’ll accept that you don’t.

Simple isn't it?

Why do we always have to have opinions about what others should and should not do? Just let it be. Life gets easier if you do.

This is not what I originally intended to write about.

Just wanted to make a simple update about my favorite type of make-up, and then all these thoughts appeared. Well, this IS my favorite kind of make up. 2-3 different shades of brown eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, a bit dramatic looking lashes, orange/pink blushes and bright lips. Really bright-colored lips is becoming my favorite this season. But light shades is a good number second.

Gonna hit the gym soon, but I’m really tired so I’m afraid this workout is going to be slow and hard. My brain is telling me that I would just love to skip it, but I know I’ll feel much more energized and awake afterwards. Such a lovely effect of working out~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Do you really think youre right about why I do this?

  • Why are girls in general scared of lifting heavy weights?
  • Why do most men think well-built women’s are scary/ugly?
  • Why do people think that girls with muscles is unfeminine?
  • Why do people think that girls at the gym are there to lose weight?
  • Why is it that people think someone is doing low carb diet just because they care about sugar in food?
  • Why is it so bad to care about eating healthy?
  • Why do people think someone is a health freak because they’re interested in food and exercise?

So many questions in my head before hitting the gym today. It made me realise that there’s no freaking wonder why I just can’t bother talking/writing about how much I enjoy eating healthy and work out. Because everyone is going to think I’m a diet-get-slim-obsessed-only-eating-low-carb-food girl. It’s so sad that most of us gets placed in these boxes by prejudging people who have no idea about our reasons for doing what we do.

 No, I am not at the gym to slim down.

I am there to get stronger, to get more muscles, to GAIN weight. No, I do not put a lot of thoughts in what I eat because of calories, low carb diets or “I’m cutting out sugar”. I care because my body feels more energetic and happy when I eat clean and right. And I care because I need to be eating more calories that what I burn to gain weight. I don’t want to be gaining weight by stuff burgers, fries and pizzas down my throat.

There's a difference in being obsessend and being dedicated.

I am so tired of suppressing these interest of mine because I don’t want to be unfairly judged, because I don’t want to get those stereotype stamp on me. Maybe there’s a little piece of me being a bit scared of putting this side of me out there. I feel that this “me” on this blog is getting shallow because I never put my thoughts out here. Enough of it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~