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Coffee and ice~

Yesterday’s snack to the afternoon coffee was 3 small and cute chocolate ice creams. Bounty, Mars and Snickers. Hot weather just does something to me, I start carving sweet things. And when I don’t carve for sweet things I carve for salty food. But strangely enough, hot weather or not – I need my coffee. When it’s too warm for hot coffee, I cool it off and put some ice cubes in it.

Basically making iced coffee - delishious~!

I also decided to do some yoga out in the sun yesterday. There was a thin layer of clouds in front of the sun so it wasn’t too hot. It’s been a while since last time I trained to Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown, I feel it in my back and the back of my thighs today. The muscles there are stiff in some awkward way.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Do you really think youre right about why I do this?

  • Why are girls in general scared of lifting heavy weights?
  • Why do most men think well-built women’s are scary/ugly?
  • Why do people think that girls with muscles is unfeminine?
  • Why do people think that girls at the gym are there to lose weight?
  • Why is it that people think someone is doing low carb diet just because they care about sugar in food?
  • Why is it so bad to care about eating healthy?
  • Why do people think someone is a health freak because they’re interested in food and exercise?

So many questions in my head before hitting the gym today. It made me realise that there’s no freaking wonder why I just can’t bother talking/writing about how much I enjoy eating healthy and work out. Because everyone is going to think I’m a diet-get-slim-obsessed-only-eating-low-carb-food girl. It’s so sad that most of us gets placed in these boxes by prejudging people who have no idea about our reasons for doing what we do.

 No, I am not at the gym to slim down.

I am there to get stronger, to get more muscles, to GAIN weight. No, I do not put a lot of thoughts in what I eat because of calories, low carb diets or “I’m cutting out sugar”. I care because my body feels more energetic and happy when I eat clean and right. And I care because I need to be eating more calories that what I burn to gain weight. I don’t want to be gaining weight by stuff burgers, fries and pizzas down my throat.

There's a difference in being obsessend and being dedicated.

I am so tired of suppressing these interest of mine because I don’t want to be unfairly judged, because I don’t want to get those stereotype stamp on me. Maybe there’s a little piece of me being a bit scared of putting this side of me out there. I feel that this “me” on this blog is getting shallow because I never put my thoughts out here. Enough of it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Rolled oats are traditionally oat groats that have been rolled into flat flakes~

A bowl of cereal, nuts and melons~

  • 1 handful of rolled oats
  • 1 handful of homemade muesli
  • Some chopped hazelnuts
  • 2 slice of cantaloupe melon cut in bits
  • 1 slice of honey melon cut in bits
  • and milk (I prefer oatmilk)
  • and a glass of orange juice

Seriously one of the best meals I have made me after a workout. Finally decided that the flu-like sickness I’ve postponed my workouts for way to long. So i finally worked some strength on my arms, legs&thifhs and abs. Felt really good~

Did you know that; Oats are the only cereal containing a globulin or legume-like protein, avenalin, as the major (80%) storage protein. Oat protein is nearly equivalent in quality to soy protein, which World Health Organization research has shown is equal to meat, milk, and egg protein. No? Well now you do. I love oats <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Are You Ready or Not?

I think my brain is going on overload. Firstly, I am slowly realising I’ll never get this place organized enough to feel comfortable sharing pictures of it. So, when I have time to tidy up ect, I’ll just snap some pics and share.

Secondly, I’m sooo tired. Some is self-inflicted, some is only natural. I mean, its way more fun being social with class than sleeping, right? I’ve also started training 100% again, and more than I usually do. Signed up for a membership at 3T and used the card for the first time to day~

Actually, its pretty nice being tired now that its starting to get late. One of my biggest reason to train is to tired myself out, so that I wont have problem sleeping. Which was a big issue before, and still is if I skip training for enough days.

Really, my life is suddenly so eventful and social I just have a little trouble consuming it all. But I love it~ It’s so much better than the Interior bubble of steel which I’ve lived in for two years.

Hum, I really intended on making this a tiny outfit update but instead I ended up rambling about my life. Oh, well… Anyways~ My favorite harem pants with my new favorite wedges. Just 400 NOK on DinSko, I couldn’t resist it. I’ve always wanted wedges, and these are really comfortable to walk in.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


23rd of February – Purple Love

After spending Mondays training with getting lots of sand in my face, I decided that enough was enough. So yesterday I went to my local Clas Ohlson store with only one thought in my head. To buy myself a yoga mat, not caring how expensive it might would be. Just kidding, I already knew how much it would cost. I’ve done my research you know.

So for 199NOK I bought myself a beautiful and purple yoga-mat from Asaklitt. Wait purple you say? It took me about 15 minutes before I realised that it if fact is matching my fitness weights~ Purple is the power indeed.

And of course I’ve tested my yoga-mat already, and I really love it~!


I’ve also been wanting to get myself a step counter again. I had one before but somehow it got lost during moving down to Trondheim. So it has been way to long without one. Since I walk a lot, then I mean A LOT, I find it interesting to know just how many steps I take through a day. I walk to school, then home again, then afterwards I’m here and there, or just walking around in high heels at home.

Well, WHO recommends that you walk around 10.000 step each day to be considered very active, around 8.000 -10.000 to be active, where as 4.000-6.000 is considered as an inactive day. Now, just because the weather is nice I’m gonna go for a one hour walk and see how many steps I get. No, of course I’m also doing it because I’m curious!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~