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Travling by train is so damn uncomfortable

I have never been so happy to get out of the train before as I was early at 9.15 this morning. The train travel have been the hottest and most irritable one in my life. So fresh air in my lungs was very much needed, so good. And it was so good to see my mum again, who had driven all the way up to pick me up.

After walking around in some shops I finally got home and did exactly what I had planned all the time. Crashing on the couch safe at mum & dads place. I got joined by two cats I believe was glad to see me again. Strange how attached you get to animals, even after you have moved away from home~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Study, test, repeat, Oslo!


That’s how my days looks like. Studying today, test tomorrow, studying tomorrow night, test on Thursday. Then about 2 and a half hour after I’m done I’ll get on the train aiming for Oslo!

It is going to be really nice after such a week, to just travel somewhere and relax. Spend some quality time with my BFF! Hopefully I get to spend some time with my BBF(best budy forever) too, not only standing model for him.

And the big + : change in environment! A bigger city. Missed Oslo pretty much. Trondheim is becoming too smal for me

XXXXX ([]u[])


No, This Isn't Going To Work

Err yeah, I am slowly realizing I wont get that, + outer clothes, shoes, accessorize and more into that suitcase lying under there. It’s actually pretty big, but now it seems so small! Packing is hard when you’re packing for holiday in Oslo and going home to work afterwards. Also have to consider that the weather could get both rainy&wet and awfully warm.

Also, what makes it eve more difficult is that I’m not only packing that suitcase, I am packing all my things so I can stuff them at my sisters place for the summer. Srsly. I envy everyone that get help doing this. I am dreading to when I  have to clean this place…

XXXXX ([]u[])/