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Sightseeing: Royal Palace of Oslo

Oh well, here’s part two of yesterday! Just filmed at Aker Brygge, which reminds me that I took a lot of video clips yesterday that I need to find time to mesh together! Anyways, I’ve seen the palace before, but it was extra nice to just walk around in a slow pace and enjoy the whole setting around it.

Took some funny pictures of me, in front of the palace and with one of the guards. The we walked around it and saw the backside and the park too!

Lol at the seagull on top of the statue, we found it really funny! Now we’re gonna go with the trash then start walking towards the bus station. Apparently, there’s some work being done on the road towards the airport, so it’s one lane driving. Just to be safe we’re leaving extra early!

Well, we both got a DS lite to play on now sooo.. if we are early at the airport we got something to do.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


At the @irport!

Uhg, when I woke up today it was just fucking freezing. Well, not literally but we’re in late june, it’s supposed to be hotter than this! Doesn’t matter anyways I am leaving this place in 30 min! Yup, I am totally nerding at the airport. Got free internet!

I look so pale and tired, i don’t know why. I got a perfect amount of sleep, but the problem might be that I haven’t gotten enough sun in my face. Oh and I am totally suffering from the post-exam syndrome. I hope Oslo can cure that!

Anywaaays, Live-chan, I am not that far away now. I have been counting the hours, and its hardly 2 hours left until we meet. Gotta pimp down my coffee and run to the toilet before I board the plane. TTYL<3!

XXXXX ([]ü[])/