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Oh Well, Holidays can’t last forever.

I think I am irritable because of lack of sugar.

Easter holidays are over and its back to normal eating. And my body is so not used to it. This is the down side of holiday breaks like christmas and easter. Another downside is the “Traveling back to my place” part.

So once again I’m sitting here thinking why the fuck teleportation haven’t been invented yet. Why can’t I just go to Trondheim without hours of traveling? No, I don’t mind traveling, I just mind traveling in the north of Norway. Everything is so far away from each other, everything is much more difficult. I have to take a bus for almost 3 hours and a taxi for a few minutes to get to the airport.


But when I finally get to Værnes it all goes smoothly. Just a simple bus ride, and I’m in town. No traveling for hours, no taxi. No headache. And now that I am done complaining; I am really looking forward to getting back to Trondheim and my life after 12 days holiday. I have finished packing already.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Packing Strategy

Step one: Throwing everything you want with you in the suitcase.

This strategy is only for clothes. Don’t throw make-up, shoes, books ect. I know you are aware of that, and why ~ This is what I do first every time I pack my suitcase. Just because, in the start I have no clue what so ever what I want with me.

Step two: Fold everything neatly and lay it on the bed...

…sort though it all and take pieces of clothing that gives you multiply of choices for outfits. This part is always difficult. I end up talking with myself, negotiating why I should pick that skirt instead of that one. Then I pack the rest~ I don’t like packing, but I don’t hate it either. Been living away for 5 years now so I’m pretty used to it, as I always travel home for holidays.

Yes, I am home at mum & dads right now. And it’s so peaceful and quiet as always here. After I moved to the center of Trondheim I am noticing this quietness a lot more than before. Right now its quite comfortable. Since traveling always makes me tired, I will probably go to bed pretty soon.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

10 h + 2 h = Home

Well prepared for a 10 hours train trip?

Oh, not really. We had to buy food on the train too. We ate spinach pie, it was yummy~ When I say we, I mean me and my sister. Also, I have never been so sick and tired of sitting before. After 10 hours stuck in the train and 2 hours driving in a car to get home, stretching had never been so good.

While it was daylight outside, the scenery was pretty nice~

We had so much stuff with us, so we were happy that mum and dad had driven up to meet us. The car seat and the snack we bought was almost luxury compared to the train. I was so happy when I got home, the first thing I did was attacking the first cat I saw. It was pretty disturbed by it.

Nerding from home, Oh yeah~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

Sightseeing: Royal Palace of Oslo

Oh well, here’s part two of yesterday! Just filmed at Aker Brygge, which reminds me that I took a lot of video clips yesterday that I need to find time to mesh together! Anyways, I’ve seen the palace before, but it was extra nice to just walk around in a slow pace and enjoy the whole setting around it.

Took some funny pictures of me, in front of the palace and with one of the guards. The we walked around it and saw the backside and the park too!

Lol at the seagull on top of the statue, we found it really funny! Now we’re gonna go with the trash then start walking towards the bus station. Apparently, there’s some work being done on the road towards the airport, so it’s one lane driving. Just to be safe we’re leaving extra early!

Well, we both got a DS lite to play on now sooo.. if we are early at the airport we got something to do.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


At the @irport!

Uhg, when I woke up today it was just fucking freezing. Well, not literally but we’re in late june, it’s supposed to be hotter than this! Doesn’t matter anyways I am leaving this place in 30 min! Yup, I am totally nerding at the airport. Got free internet!

I look so pale and tired, i don’t know why. I got a perfect amount of sleep, but the problem might be that I haven’t gotten enough sun in my face. Oh and I am totally suffering from the post-exam syndrome. I hope Oslo can cure that!

Anywaaays, Live-chan, I am not that far away now. I have been counting the hours, and its hardly 2 hours left until we meet. Gotta pimp down my coffee and run to the toilet before I board the plane. TTYL<3!

XXXXX ([]ü[])/