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1st of May – Sushilicious~

Sushi again? Yes, sushi again! This time I got invited by JP and Lele to eat sushi with them out in the sun. It tasted really really delicious , but the pieces were a little to big. Still, so yummi! The last days here in Trondheim have been wonderful, sunny, warm and nice outside~ So I’ve spent most time out in the sun in some way. Either is jogging, shopping, searching, laying on my lazy bum or working on my project.

The last one is kinda hard when you just want to lay down and enjoy the sun. So frankly, I haven’t done much on my project this weekend. Which is a pity because time is starting to REALLY run away from me! Gotta camp on school the next few days!!

Photographer in the sun

Photographer in action


Well , had a really nice day out in the sun with JP and Lele today too, and pretty soon I’m going to go out for a run.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


28th of April – PeekaBO!

Easter break is over and I’m back at my place in  Trondheim! I’m back at school, and back to normal life. By that I mean less sweets, less tv, more walking (to school), more food making and so on. I really enjoyed being home, eating moms cooking, cuddling with our cats, enjoying the view and just totally relaxing. Nice quiet easter break indeed~!

So there has been a few changes around here during break, and I am now living alone! Yes, my roommate left me! Well, she got a great deal and moved, and I got this place alone. So I’m getting a little taste of how it might gonna me if I decide to move somewhere else alone. But who knows, I  might be living with my sister after summer break!

Anyways, I have been busy re-organizing at home, getting in touch with PPl and  working on my project! So this is just a quick update saying that no, I’m not going on another hiatus, I’m just a bit busy atm~

XXXXX ([]u[]y~


9th of January – Back in BSNS

So I’m back in Trondheim. Arrived late yesterday~ Lele was kind enough to help me drag my luggage from the bus stop and home, and today we did son serious training. Aaaand tomorrow school is starting again. Yeah, its back in business! Have been trying to sort out some paper just lying around, but it’s honestly my closet that need tidying up!

I wonder if I bother doing something about it tonight… Well, actually I kinda have to if I want to get that bag away from the floor. Ultimately I should do it tonight because it gets harder and harder to get motivation to unpack the more your waiting with doing it. The big question here is; will I ever be done with it in time, so I don’t ruining my sleep? Because its school tomorrow, yanno.. And I have stuff to do before.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~