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Oh, Oh, Sometimes I get good feeling yeah~ 


On Tuesday was the final day of the depth study project and when we were going to hand it in. So I opted for a comfy outfit with my favorite harem pants and a loose sweater. And I finally got to take my cowboy boots out from the closet to use again, since most of the snow/ice on the ground is gone. YAY!  I originally had my hair up in a knot, but I celebrated the hand-in of the project with a visit to my hairdresser. Getting my fringe and original hairstyle back.

I am sorry for random and irregular updates lately. Hopefully I’m be back with more update since I’m done with that damn project on twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter. I just need to be able to talk and read without analyzing tweets and thinking “This and that on twitter is…” all the time.

And I finally got a weekend without having to think about schoolwork. Gonna relax and be lazy a lot~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

The intake of coffee increase with hard working

Yes, it’s the final and last day on my depth study on Twitter! I think my world have evolved around twitter for long enough now. Not that I’ll quit it, I’m just looking forward to not thinking about it all the time. Hard working brings me back to old habits – like drinking quite large amounts of coffee. I also chew bubble gum like a maniac and drink frizzy water like it was holy.

I also take off my shoes an crosses my legs, and I sit in other awkward positions too. And I think I look constantly annoyed, but I am in fact just very very concentrated.

Well, there’s actually not much left! Just checking for typos and grammatical errors + looking over to see if there’s anything that needs reformulation and editing. luckily I got such awesome family members that looks over it for typos and such. Since I myself often don’t see it. Anyways, 6 hours left! GO GO~!

XXXXX ([]u[])~


Turn your day around and think positive

Yes, I was dreading to sit down and start working on my dept study on twitter. Just because there is a lot to analyze and write. So after reading some about positive thinking, how to make things you’re dreading into something you like. So I just wrote positive words and quotes on some post-it stickers and decorated my laptop with them.

I probably didn’t get any more concentrated, but at least my day got more happy and colorful. It left me a bit more positive about my study than what I originally was.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

10th of March – A Night Of Nothing~

Tonight when I got home after work I decided to just have a whole night of doing absolutely nothing~ So I’ve spent my night drinking tea, spamming twitter and downloading magazines. So yeah, been going through some new editions of Jelly, Happie Nuts and Popteen to find some inspiration~

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So here’s a bunch~ So, according to my plan I was supposed to be in bed for 10 minutes ago. I don’t what to be so tired at work tomorrow as I was today. Anyways, it’s the last day of my internship tomorrow, and it’s a bit sad. No, it’s really sad! I’ve enjoyed these two weeks a lot~ I really like the place I’ve been at. Knowing the office, it’s CakeFriday, so it won’t be that bad~ G’nite~

Been listening to this every night~ Ryeowook’s voice is pure love!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~