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Vlog03: Rainy day.

Update on Uni life~ IDK, why that disturbing noise is there. I’m sorry about that, it wasn’t there when I played it in iMovie. I’m checking how it turns out in Vimeo/youtube. Oh, and the word I was looking for was actually article. We came up with design ideas based on newspaper articles.

Edit: I have changed back to YouTube, as its being nice to me for once.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

vlog 1: Oh no, English!

Urgh, so I spent about 1 and a half hour redoing this vlog several times
because I can't stand my own english. Anyways, I hope it's somewhat 
Update: Wanted to blog this yesterday, but youtube or videofy.me didn’t agree. 
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Doll on Field Trip 2-3

Just some videos I took when I was at Oslo Opera House! Just felt like continuing the “Doll on field trip” and make it into series! I want to start Vlogging again too, I just need to muster myself up to talking english. Because I feel that talking norwegian on an english blog is stupid. Anyways enjoy!

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