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Foggy way home


Hard working students on their way home~!

You can see it before going out, how it cling on to the widow. How it covers every moving light. How everything is more glorious. When that mystic eerie feeling lies heavy in the air. How it magnifies because of the frost smoke coming out of your mouth. And when you have someone to share it with! It’s moments like these I am waiting for, when keep taking my camera with me no matter what pays off.

11dec_02 11dec_03 11dec_04

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Pansies in the sun

Just wanted to share some pictures of lovely pansies in the sun. We usually have these on the balcony rack almost every year in all sorts of colors. I love them, both for their colors and for their smell. It’s one of those smells that just belongs to the summer season.

Its been sunny and really warm weather the first two days I’ve been home, but today the sun is struggling to break through the clouds. But it’s still nice, so I might have to do my workout outdoors today top! (Did it on saturday)

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When snow falls, nature listens – Antoinette van Kleeff

It’s strange what the weather can make sometimes. This was the view from our living room a few days before I had to leave. I am happy to be back to the city, with the people I love and the opportunities and activities it has. But I can’t deny the fact that I miss this kind of views already. So magic and mystical, it looks like a painting.

But there is one thing I am not missing, and that is the snow. Don’t get me wrong, I am a winter person, but even I do get ready for warmer temperatures at some point. And here in the city the air has a hint of spring in it, so I am going on my first run outside this year in a few minutes. Just have to dig after my sneakers first! I wonder where they are…

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Snowy days makes the countryside so pretty

I love pictures that looks like a dream world no matter how I edit them. While taking pictures of the snowy weather I got the sudden idea to turn the blitz on, I like how it looks. Got to say I got disappointed when I got back to the city and there was hardly snow, just ice and such. But I guess, even if it snowed it wont get as pretty as it looks on the countryside.


“Watch Out – The Russian Cold is Comming!”

Thats what it said on the front page of an tabloid last week...

….it also stated that it COULD get as cold as -35 degrees. Its the biggest bullshit ever. But then again, norwegian tabloids are know for spreading just bullshit. Its just -7 degrees outside. Yeah just, that’s what you would say if you have lived in Bodø, or further north. -10 degrees is like nothing for us. And I don’t get why people here in Trondheim is complaining, last winter there was -20 degrees outside and we survived that. Stop being pussies, just dress according to the weather.

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Oh Sweet Sunny Day

The weather outside today is cold, but amazing!

The rays from the sun and hint of early morning fog had me lured out of school for the two free hours after early  classes. I just couldn’t help myself, even if I’ve just been sick and had forgotten my gloves. I took so many pictures I don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing what to post. I am going to feel my hands twitching in need of looking through them during math classes that starts in 2 min! Probability calc, wish me good luck understanding!

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Remember That Strange Weather

This is a while ago, around two weeks I think. That Tuesday when that strange weather brought thunder&lightning. When I did some interval training running up and down the road. In the middle I started to hear thunder, and suddenly amazingly dark cloud came. And they came fast.

It was really fun taking pictures of it, because the clouds kept on changing. The lightning stroke a couple of times, then the rain came with huge raindrops, just as I was on my way in to take a shower. Had to go out in it, just for fun!

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