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Stand your ground


Same shoes, different grounds.

Same person, different environments. The same you on travel in different roles. Just depends how you look at it. Honestly its just some red shoes, with someones legs standing on wood, gravel and green grass. But you can choose to see something in it. Like I did a several hours after snapping pictures of my love for these red wedges. I like how you can find such thoughts in something unexpected.

I just love my shoes. I don’t always love my roles in life, in different environments, but I love being true to myself and the people around me. With that said I’m going to bed. G’nite~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Are You Ready or Not?

I think my brain is going on overload. Firstly, I am slowly realising I’ll never get this place organized enough to feel comfortable sharing pictures of it. So, when I have time to tidy up ect, I’ll just snap some pics and share.

Secondly, I’m sooo tired. Some is self-inflicted, some is only natural. I mean, its way more fun being social with class than sleeping, right? I’ve also started training 100% again, and more than I usually do. Signed up for a membership at 3T and used the card for the first time to day~

Actually, its pretty nice being tired now that its starting to get late. One of my biggest reason to train is to tired myself out, so that I wont have problem sleeping. Which was a big issue before, and still is if I skip training for enough days.

Really, my life is suddenly so eventful and social I just have a little trouble consuming it all. But I love it~ It’s so much better than the Interior bubble of steel which I’ve lived in for two years.

Hum, I really intended on making this a tiny outfit update but instead I ended up rambling about my life. Oh, well… Anyways~ My favorite harem pants with my new favorite wedges. Just 400 NOK on DinSko, I couldn’t resist it. I’ve always wanted wedges, and these are really comfortable to walk in.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~