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SeaLife II


My favorites were the otters, turtles and the amazing walk-though tunnel with sharks and one big turtle! The mirror labyrinth at the end was pretty fun too. As the pussy I am I had to walk thought that with one hand stretched out. No way that I was going to crash into some mirror with people around!

And another favorite part was walking around with M in the souvenir shop at the very end, where I fell for a cute turtle teddy and M bought me it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

SeaLife I

So, it’s about time I updated about me and M’s trip to the National Sea Life centre in Birmingham, Sunday the 7th of October. Seems so long ago, but its only 3 weeks! It was so much to see, but too dark to take proper pictures.

Since I just had drowned a cup of black coffee, I had to pee 3 times while we where there. Finding a toilet in that labyrinth of aquariums wasn’t easy! By the way, that crab was really huge. Just its head alone was as big as my hands with finger spread!


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Cafe Deli Breakfast

On Saturday the 7th of October I overslept a bit and had to get up in a rush. Because I am always the one using longest time to get ready in the morning I had decided to get up a bit early. We had to check out around 11AM, and the staff was kind enough to keep our luggage with them.

Since it was another beautiful morning we decided to walk and find a place to get a simple breakfast. Remembering we walked past two cute looking café’s on out way to the heart of Birmingham on the day before, we settled for Café Deli.

I absolutely adore the interior in here. So friendly.

I think this is the first place that I have been that serves oatmeal with bananas. Don’t even think I have seen that in Norway. And they made us cups of really strong coffee. Perfect in a rushed sunday morning.

I look like I have a blue eye because of the light....

After that we walked the centre and took a taxi to the National Sea-life centre. It was quite a bumpy ride. We had agreed on that we needed to do something tourist-ish when we was there. And I got a crazy amount of pictures from there, which I’ll blog another day when I have more time. I should really be in bed right now. The dissertation proposal has been keeping me awake.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Take a muffin break~ 

After breakfast/lunch Saturday the 6th, we went for a stroll in the shopping streets of Birmingham. We Found the Mailbox with all the exclusive stores and got a bit lost on our hunt for Lush, little did we know that it was just down the street from where we ate.

After happily purchasing bath bombs, we continued down to the train station centre and before we knew it we where in the middle of the Bullring shopping mall. This centre is crazy huge. Where its people everywhere and you have to stand in a queue to get to the stairs and there’s a constant hum of people talking.

After a while we felt like we deserved something light to eat, and took a break at the Muffin Break café at the top of the centre. M had a fudge like brownie while I enjoyed a gluten free apricot and banana muffin – which was very good!

After some more wandering around in the centre we went outside to get some fresh air, and sat down outside where we got a beautiful view.

Totally in contrast to the design of the Bullring!

Then I wouldn’t give up on the shops until I had found some perfect black gloves. And I’m glad for that because I found a cute stand who sold bubble tea. Which I had only heard about but never tasted, so happy I finally got to!

So I ordered one with Green tea flavor. Love it.

M enjoying his ice cream ~!

After that we finally took the taxi home to relax a bit before we went out to eat at a cute and charming greek restaurant. We had such a lovely saturday night in Birmingham.

XXXXXX ([]u[])y~




A stroll in Birmingham

In the morning of Saturday the 6th of october, we went down to the reception with the intention of ordering a cab to get to the main shopping street. When we got down there we realized it was a perfect sunny day, there’s no window in the rooms, so we decided to walk instead.

Which I’m glad for, because there is too much to see. Birmingham is a beautiful city, with a lot of old buildings in contrast to new and modern ones.

 And you know me, I love architecture!


Just had to get a picture of this sign, because I find it funny that UK need to have these. And I love how the sun sneaked its rays in the picture.

Below is the beautiful church that was right beside the hotel.

Thos buildings with glass structure seems like majestic gates we have to pass through to enter the heart of the city. Absolutely wonderful how they’re a big contrast to the brick buildings in front of them.

Interesting cross-over for pedestrians,it disappears into the building!



Over the bridge, then the city just hits you like a wave~

Lovely architecture.

This was one of the best parts with the walk, except for finding a place to eat break fast. Look at the contrast between two brick buildings. Light and elegance in contrast to dark and stiff. The red pipes still amuses me.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~