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We Heart Sushi~

We had been whining for a very long time how much we wanted sushi but couldn’t find sushi rice anywhere. We just hadn’t looked good enough, because suddenly it was there. Not daring to let it out of our sight again we dropped in our shopping basket and purchased all the ingredients. It was sushi sunday!

And gosh is was delicious to finally eat and taste it 
after so many weeks of longing~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Explosion in the sky~!


Firework from last saturday, finally had time/remembered to edit and upload them:) I have to stop forgetting that I have a blog and that I have something to share. Today I’ve been telling myself “work for 4 hours, get an hour to blog!” It worked, so I have to keep doing that.

Today we are making home-made sushi for dinner, can't wait!


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A Friday with you~

Ups, did not intend to leave my blog hanging for so long. Guess that is what happens when you get a visit from Norway, and is pretty busy at school too. Anyways, on Friday 05th of october M got his week of autumn break, and got on a plane to Birmingham. And I got on a train to meet him there.

We spent the weekend in Birmingham staying at Bloc Hotel. Which I am very happy with, because it was lovely and it was placed in a quiet street. It’s a hotel inspired by japanese space-saving design, and has many awesome solutions.

Ofc, I was too happy to see M again to remember taking photos. But I have a lot of pictures from Saturday and Sunday coming up in bit by bit! Stay tuned~:)

XXXXX ([]u[])y~!

I need more bubbles~!

I grew up with a bathtub.

Then we moved to a place in 2001 with no tub, just a shower. Since then I haven’t lived any places with one, until now. I was jumping like a little kid when I decided to take a bath saturday morning. And there’s nothing like spending the morning in a bathtub with hot water and a glass of wine, incense and a burning candle.

When I go to Birmingham this weekend, I’m going to hunt down Lush and purchase some bathing bombs~! So that next time, I’ll have more bubbles!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Friday = Pizza

Friday equals pizza in this house. It’s that day when everyone is tired from the week, when nobody can bother coming up with something to make for dinner, and when we all want to celebrate that it’s finally weekend. Yes, that’s pizza friday.

Should totally have posted this on friday. But I suddenly have too much to post, and I’m falling behind.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Cake x2

So I just ate two cakes and wanted do rub it right in your face! Okay, I havent really eaten two cakes today, but I ate mums lovely cake at Thursday and H lovely cake at saturday, and just wanted to share the pictures!

This was really a cake for people with a sweet tooth.

But it was really yummy! Mum made it for our evening with pictures from mum & dads trip to France. To Lyon to visit my sister to be exact. It was a lovely afternoon with a tremendous amount of pictures, and a lot of french candies~! Ugh, now that I think about it – Way to much sugar!

Red tread - strawberry cake, strawberry drink!

This weekend I went up to Bodø to spend it at H place and just be with people and relax. We fought to stay awake to watch the opening of the olympic games in London. We just couldn’t go to bed without seeing the fire being lit. Then I shopped some stuff while H made the place ready for dinner with nice folks. I still can’t believe we bought an entire salmon for dinner! But it was a lovely dinner, and of course we had to have cake afterwards!

XXXXX ([]u[]) y~

I dream strange things when I’m half awake…


Yesterday was one of those days, when I’m just so tired I don’t plan on doing anything. Maybe there was a part of me that was able to relax fully now that I’ve handed in my depth study. So I totally opted for a simple outfit with jeans and a top. Nothing extraordinary or anything.

I fell asleep on the couch, then I tried finish the book I’m reading but weren’t able to read the 30 pages I got left without falling asleep again. In other words, I went to bed pretty early last night. Today when I woke up half past nine I burrowed myself in the sheets and was like “aaah, weekend~! Just gonna be lazy in my bed for another hour and half”.. Ended up having a pretty strange science-fiction dream…

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Last Weekend Smoothie

This is like one week ago. Remember I mentioned in one update that lena came and visited me last weekend? Did I tell you about how epic it was? No. Well, it WAS epic. She’s so cute and friendly, and we share one big passion: Kpop!

Firstly, we had so much fun shopping, talking and occupying Thaibutikken. I don’t even know for how long we where there. With almost everything we saw, a discussion topic or random comment appeared. And god how much we laughed when my phone auto-corrected “buy some sweets” to “buy some jews” (it was in norwegian ofc).

Then we spent the rest of saturday just staking kpop groups on YouTube, watching SuJu laughing  and Mblaq playing, just to mention some. It was epic. At sunday we either sat out in the sun talking about everything or sat inside and watched and fangirled over different Kpop MV’s.

Do I need to mention we were so happy to finally have someone to share that interest with? No, I don’t think so. Also, after her visit, i think and do believe that we have become better friends, and it makes me happy!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~