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I am there again..


I have that issue again. The url issue. The one you get when you feel that you are changing and your current blog/blog url/anything about it doesn’t fit any more.

I don't now if anyone(non bloggers) could relate to this.

I have grown out of the edgypop url, and I now desire to create a url saying Sun on Edge. I have grown as a person. How I think, how I act. And the way I feel about my desires have changed. Desires? Yes, design, fashion, interior. I’m not saying I have become different person or will have a drastic way-of-blogging change. I just don’t feel the same anymore. I have learnt so much about myself the moths I have spent here in Wolverhampton. I just want to graduate from this blog, and to a new area of my blog life.

But it scary... I lose my top hit pages, I lose the tags, I lose some good post. Still, I lose a hell a lot of things I'm not satisfied with...

That is why there’s a new header up on my blog, stating Sun on Edge. I am just testing it out first before making the jump. And I need my serious talk with my dearest girl tomorrow. And maybe your thoughts?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Fall Outside, Fall Inside

What to do when the darkness outside is consuming everything?

I for sure do like to crawl deep into the couch with a huge woolen blanket and game on my DSi lite. What game? Pokemon Black of course! I also enjoy myself a cup of coffee, tea or blackcurrant toddy. Or I roam the internet for interesting stuff to read or watch, or just relax with some music.

The darkness here north can be so consuming sometimes, if it weren’t for the street lights it would have looked like the house was dangling in the middle of nowhere. I can’t wait for the snow to come and lighten the ground up a little.

I also light to lit candles, now that I'm home mom is responsible for that

I also like to make meaningless post about my life....

I really do like to think there is someone out there caring enough to read about it. Actually I’m just bloging to blow some creative steam off and get a little more tired as I listen to relaxing music. Slow and emotinal ballads that makes me go “aaaw” og instrumental songs that makes me close my eyes and smile. I love those.

Like this one. <3

aaw. God Night~

XXXXX ([]ü[])y~