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It's Kinda Dangerous

Time seems to have the habit of  suddenly taking double jumps over hours now and then. Sometimes its all right, other times it’s the last drop before it all falls over the edge. For me, this time, it was a happy fact that I had managed to concentrate on work so much I didn’t notice minutes flying by. Due to my recently fuss over not being able to concentrate enough, this is something that made my day a whole lot better.

Oh well, did I ever mention that I’ve fallen hard for the colour, or non-colour some eyes, WITHE. Yes, white is Love. I never predicted that I would do so, it’s the worst colour ever when you think about cleaning, it’s the easiest to ruin, and it’s just so weird. Grey and white seem to be my favorite colours to dress in these days. No wonder my last buys has been either one or both of those colours.

Yes, that is one of my newest purchases. With my addiction to harem pants how could I let a chance like that pass by? Grey harem pants with leopard pattern is now one of the treasures in my closet. As much as I am addicted to white, I’m equally addicted to leopard patters. It’s just my thing. You know, someone collects Mario stuff, others hello kitty, I collect nerd classes and stuff with leopard print. Preferably fashion items of course.

Oh, I just love the back of this top and the cute little text “Love Target”. These two pieces of clothing’s is definitely one of my best buys from Galstar. It’s kinda dangerous getting hooked on clothes you can purchase over internet. It took me 5 min from deciding to buy, check out and pay for those pants. I never will regret it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~