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Instagram XVI

Time for an Instagram update! It’s the last few updates from my summer break. I am getting closer and closer to the time I spent with M in t-town before going to the UK. I miss my clean eating habits, my workout routines and having good structured routines. It’s about time that the “I have to test everything”-period is over food and sweet wise. I need my healthy habits back. A new habit added to my list is yoga and meditation :) Well, enjoy~!

  • 1. Enjoying the sun during summer~
  • 2. The in tea I don’t care how much sugar it got, it reminds me of my grandma.
  • 3. Inspired by my friend I tried a new hairdo, the side-bun.
  • 4. How ready I looked for a workout. It still happened tho.

  • 5. Progress: stronger arms/back. (progress died when moving to uk…)
  • 6. Lunch <3 (my eating habits have died too….)
  • 7. Kicking it in my asymmetric leopard skirt.
  • 8. Loving sepia pictures~

  • 9. Sumer outfit. :)
  • 10. Found my first mobile phone ever. Old school.
  • 11. Oh so tired…
  • 12. Deciding what comes with me to the UK, and what doesn’t.

  • 13. I’m a coffee addict.
  • 14. Painted my toe nails red, and my feet looked cuter.
  • 15. Colors. I love wearing them.
  • 16. Yummy snack: Galia and cantaloupe melon, mango and pineapple.

  • 17. Drinking the Energy drink Burn, although it looks like mouthwash.
  • 18. Fried scampi with garlic. I like them buuuuurned!
  • 19. Going on shopping trip with good frieds~
  • 20. Yummy juice drink while waiting for sushi.

  • 21. Bought new earrings, btw they hurt!
  • 22. Love my hairstyle~
  • 23. Sushi!
  • 24. Yummu~!

  • 25. Exactly.
  • 26. Last weekend at home up north was over for this summer. Good memories <3
  • 27. <3
  • 28. My new, orange and awesome suitcase.

  • 29. Sorting out accessories to take with  me t the UK.
  • 30. From when me and Lele took a swim in the sea.
  • 31. Having too much I want to take with me!
  • 32. Outside M’s door, well he wanted a surprise~!

  • 33. spotted Pantone cups in all kinds of colors when I was in T-town.
  • 34. Overknees, dotted tights and ripped denim. Oh yeah.
  • 35. With a lovely pink-red sweater~
  • 36. And awesome cap. (Which I took with me to the uk, yay!)

  • 37. Beautiful days in t-town!
  • 38. Morning coffee in the cups I gave M for his b-day~!
  • 39. Then, i was so addicted to shorts and overknees. Still am.
  • 40. Nerdy face~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XIV

So its instagram part 14! It’s weird to look at al these photos from when I started to work now that I have finished 5 weeks this summer. I am so happy I can stay up late if I want to, and sleep several hours longer tomorrow. That I can relax and use as long time I want to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Anyways, the pics are from 15.07-19.07~ As always, click the numbers to see them separate and at full-scale. The number always follows the pictures from left to right.

  • 1. It looked too good to not post it!
  • 2. Yummy Oreo ice cream
  • 3. I really wanted to dip dye my hair some weeks ago.
  • 4. Tired face after monday’s work.

  • 5. Dip dye test! If you wonder how it went; I decided to not do it because it faded to quickly.
  • 6. Lovely curtains, but when you think about it its kinda creepy cuz they all stare at you!
  • 7. Threw my gloves of and had a tiny water break at work.
  • 8. My Starbuck cup was a must-have when I traveled between different locations at work.

  • 9. Cleaned an old company house, I love it but would hire a cleaning staff if I lived there.
  • 10. A coffee before work was also a big need this summer!
  • 11. When my shoes arrived :D
  • 12. Cute note that came with the package~

  • 13. All I did back then was staring at them!
  • 14. I was so in love. I still am ;)
  • 15. feeling macho with heavy-looking weight doing inner thigh squats~!
  • 16. Coffee & chocolate. caffeine and sugar.

  • 17. I love dipping my chocolate in my coffee, yummy~
  • 18. Tried to decide what to wear when I was going to Lele’s place the day after.
  • 19. And had too much to do in a few hours after work!
  • 20. My colleague awesome lunch box.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Kill your arms!

I just finished two fabulous videos of my favorite youtube trainer, Cassie Ho! And right now I’m just so excited that I have to share the videos with you. Because I just killed my arm. I am ever struggling to type. Preferably you should do her videos a few times, but whats so great about these is that you can combine them. I just did both these videos 1 time, and my arms are so dead.

Cleaning at work tomorrow is going to be soooooo fun!

I still have some (a lot) of photos from when M was here, and I will continue to edit and post them. But, I think I will put some music and instagram updates. Just so I wont bore you all to death with my sappiness. And as Cassie has taught me – Train insane or remain the same!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Getting ready to kick some ass.

Or to be more precise – My ass. It’s totally time to get back in the gym and work some weights, I am not sick any more, and I m not too busy. There is just no excuse. There actually never where either. No matter how many tests and mock exams I have, I always find time to work out. It makes me more focused and concentrated. And it helps me sleep like a baby.

So I’m just gonna will my bottle with water, take some shoes on and put my mp3 music on the loudest! And I’m out in 5~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

It never gets easier, you just get better.



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A bit inspired by my favorite motivator, Cassie Ho, I spent some time making myself an inspiration board. This is now my dash background. Like this I’ll constantly get a reminder and inspiration to eat better, be healthier, work harder and follow my bliss. This is a reflection of my goal, not who I wish to be but what I know I can do. Cassie Ho is so good at encouraging and motivating.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Because I’m burning


Gosh, after a 45 min session with PulsStep I am totally worn out! One of the hardest sessions I ever been on! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Then its PulsStep all over again~

No I’m not an addict, okay. I skipped training yesterday, so I had to make up for it today, and then I’m continuing as usual tomorrow!

Now I’m going to take a hot shower, drink my night tea and head to bed~ G’Nite~

XXXXX ([]u[])/