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A very yellow detail~

Hm, I wonder if I have made a similar post before? Maybe that was the Mario cap? I don’t remember, anyways. My Pokemon cap is too cool to not do it again if that’s the case. I love it. It’s kind of the detail of the day. I think I have a think for yellow right now, cuz I just found myself thinking that I need a pair of bright yellow jeans to go with this. It would be so awesome.

 I am a matching freak, and will always be one.

on second thought.........

I should really get a pair of bright pink jeans to match it with this lipstick. But there’s really some apple green and light purple ones I originally want, and a white pair with black dots. In other words, there is way to many pair of jeans I want but what I really need is more tops and sweaters. Or shirts? Hm, my closet is a fairytale indeed.

How to afford all of it? Well, Ebay and Galstar ofc. If I shopped in norwegian stores I would be broke and out on the streets years ago. Besides, I know how to get a lot for little. An ability that comes with being a student for a few years.

And because I have gotten lazy with sharing music lately, here’s two songs of Sistar’s new mini album, Alone,  that I absolutely love! So catchy~! I just know I’ll be listening to these a lot this summer.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



SO yellow~

Today I decided to dress up in something else that lazy clothes in an attempt to get mor concentrated on studying for my upcoming math test. For the record, it didn’t help much at all, but I felt less lazy. I also decided that it was a pretty yellow day, sun was shining outside from a blue sky, so I got a bit inspired to wear bright yellow. So I dug in my closet after my warm yellow t-shirt with a skeleton ribcage.

I can’t wait t wear t-shirts again, without having to wear jackets and cardigans over. Please get warmer! It’s May already~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Go for Yellow

I am so hooked on yellow, bright yellow, these days~! I’ve kinda loved grey, white and other un-bright colors for so long, it surprise me a bit. I got to admit that I am a little afraid of becoming a neon troll again… I used to be… Horrible period when it comes fashion.

Still, I think I need to purchase more clothes in this awesome bright but deep yellow color. So cool to match up with colors like black, grey, white ect, and of course patterns. This is like my first almost only Galstar clothes outfit~ Get why I’m so hooked at shopping from that site?

I kinda want to place another order.. who am I kidding, a few more orders I mean, just because I can afford it (payment day, remember?), and because I really really like a lot of stuff that they got.

Yet again, I have found another brand to love. Think I need to make a post about it soon~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~