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Dogs & Outdoors


Due to the lack of dressing up there has been more or less none outfit post coming from me this summer. The reason behind is because I am working as a cleaner for almost 5 weeks how, and have been set on dressing practical for work. I don’t want to wear my beloved shirts and ruin them at work. And I don’t think it’s properly to dress up in high-waisted shorts.

But today I was sick and tired of being practical so I wore jeans at work, and it went just fine! After work I decided to doll up a little in order to stay awake, and go outside to get some fresh air. I took my beloved camera with me and went walking around the lot snapping pictures and hunting for the perfect “photo set”. This place of course requires that there hasn’t been raining during the day. But at least I’m back~

And gosh – I love wearing my lovely dog print shirt from the 5×5 collection of Bik Bok.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Jelly collages for July~!

So, I’ve decided to make collages of things that inspires me when I look through the magazines. Before summer I was in love with pastell colours, but they seem to darken gradually. Now I want watermelon red and sky blue. And I am still in love with pieces of clothing made of denim fabric. Which I have been for ages, might be time to purchase – and I have something in mind! :)

I have wanted to buy the perfect summer dress and summer skirt, but the weather here is so rainy and cold that I have postponed it. Maybe next year – if the weather continues to be like this. So I have found some lovely shirt’s that’s next in line.

I am also in love with the messy wavy hairstyle~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

The Dog Shirt

A girl always feel great wearing something new~

I seriously adore how well the shirt and the jeans with together, just meant to be. I never used to be a jeans person. I always wore skinny jeans in bright colours before, ever denim. Then I discovered Weekday and all that changed. Now these, along with other Cheap Monday jeans, are my favorite. The fading effect on it is so cool.

Dressed up with black boots to match the shirt and brown suspenders to match the romantic colors of it, and of course the side pony tail just to add more cuteness.

The print on the shirt is cute, so why not? 

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





Get Rich on Scarf

At Saturday I went with mum on this new eco-friendly thrift store and I purchased a bunch of scarfs(update coming). The hair-tie bow look really matched what I was wearing, specially the top. Which I always have had trouble with wearing.

Now it’s on its way to become my favorite top, since I’ve fallen hard for the ethnic style, and this is one of the pieces in my closet that has the vibe of it.

I look strangely tanned, but I can assure you I’m not. It’s the bad light and that bronzing moisture cream that gives the effect, LOL.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Boots, Denim and Blondes

Ah, well there’s more to the outfit than just that. Boots, denim shorts, blondes, stripes, shoulder bag, faux fox tail, accessorize and the hat. My beloved hat. Click at the pictures above to see the description of the outfit.

At school we learned that 3 effects is the most to be used in interior. It’s a total joke right, rules are meant to be broken in all creative prospects.

This top is possibly going to become my favorite this summer, with its see-through blonde back and short length. The only reason I’m not showing my belly is because of my beloved high waist shorts.

My legs look so pale, even tho I’ve been sunbathing. I need more sunny weather and time outside, and I need it this week. Next monday I’m starting to work from 7AM to 3PM monday to friday for 5 weeks. A poor student like me need to save up some money for next school year.