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Instagram XVI

Time for an Instagram update! It’s the last few updates from my summer break. I am getting closer and closer to the time I spent with M in t-town before going to the UK. I miss my clean eating habits, my workout routines and having good structured routines. It’s about time that the “I have to test everything”-period is over food and sweet wise. I need my healthy habits back. A new habit added to my list is yoga and meditation :) Well, enjoy~!

  • 1. Enjoying the sun during summer~
  • 2. The in tea I don’t care how much sugar it got, it reminds me of my grandma.
  • 3. Inspired by my friend I tried a new hairdo, the side-bun.
  • 4. How ready I looked for a workout. It still happened tho.

  • 5. Progress: stronger arms/back. (progress died when moving to uk…)
  • 6. Lunch <3 (my eating habits have died too….)
  • 7. Kicking it in my asymmetric leopard skirt.
  • 8. Loving sepia pictures~

  • 9. Sumer outfit. :)
  • 10. Found my first mobile phone ever. Old school.
  • 11. Oh so tired…
  • 12. Deciding what comes with me to the UK, and what doesn’t.

  • 13. I’m a coffee addict.
  • 14. Painted my toe nails red, and my feet looked cuter.
  • 15. Colors. I love wearing them.
  • 16. Yummy snack: Galia and cantaloupe melon, mango and pineapple.

  • 17. Drinking the Energy drink Burn, although it looks like mouthwash.
  • 18. Fried scampi with garlic. I like them buuuuurned!
  • 19. Going on shopping trip with good frieds~
  • 20. Yummy juice drink while waiting for sushi.

  • 21. Bought new earrings, btw they hurt!
  • 22. Love my hairstyle~
  • 23. Sushi!
  • 24. Yummu~!

  • 25. Exactly.
  • 26. Last weekend at home up north was over for this summer. Good memories <3
  • 27. <3
  • 28. My new, orange and awesome suitcase.

  • 29. Sorting out accessories to take with  me t the UK.
  • 30. From when me and Lele took a swim in the sea.
  • 31. Having too much I want to take with me!
  • 32. Outside M’s door, well he wanted a surprise~!

  • 33. spotted Pantone cups in all kinds of colors when I was in T-town.
  • 34. Overknees, dotted tights and ripped denim. Oh yeah.
  • 35. With a lovely pink-red sweater~
  • 36. And awesome cap. (Which I took with me to the uk, yay!)

  • 37. Beautiful days in t-town!
  • 38. Morning coffee in the cups I gave M for his b-day~!
  • 39. Then, i was so addicted to shorts and overknees. Still am.
  • 40. Nerdy face~!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XII

Wow, having an unintentional break from blogging and it just needs to be broken. So I’m going to post my instagram update number 12! These pics are killing me to watch. I want to go back in time and be there again. That week with M was perfect! I can’t believe its just been 3 weeks since the day when he jumped on the bus to catch his plane back. Pictures are from 05.07 to 09.07. As always, click on the numbers to look at the original version of each pic~

  • 1. Footprints in the sand
  • 2. Life right then was so perfect
  • 3. M was fishing
  • 4. It was quite magical there then

  • 5. Bought this at the local Thai store~
  • 6. Banana puffs, they where so yummy!
  • 7. And so cute.
  • 8. Norwegian strawberries is the best

  • 9. so tasteful and yummy~!
  • 10. Youngest cat getting scratched ^^
  • 11. Rose cider, a must at a lovely weekend.
  • 12. Morning cuddling, he decided to wake us up by demanding it.

  • 13. Bought myself a new top that weekend – love it!
  • 14. M and the Madame in the house~
  • 15. M was gone, so I ate some chocolate to comfort myself.
  • 16. And made some Love tea to warm my heart.

  • 17. Then I started working – cleaning..
  • 18.  My awesome elephant ring holding my other rings~
  • 19. Bought the best sweater ever!
  • 20. A header and chapter in 1Q89 that crept under my skin.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram Part V

Ugh, I’m sorry for suddenly dissapearing. I knew that I would be busy these days with studying for my math exam, which I have tomorrow. But I never guessed I would be struggling with a serious cold too. It came creeping on me on sunday, and haven’t left yet. So bottersome!  Oh well, I finally feel like doing something else. I mean, I have energy to something else than just working on the math. It must mean that I am getting a bit better? Anyways, heres my Instagrap update part 5~ As always, click the numbers to see pics bigger~

  • 1. Baking! Made cupcakes with different vegetables and banana+cocoa cupcakes
  • 2. The result :D
  • 3. Started working out with weight in late April
  • 4. Mr Monkey was making sure my hurting back was staying nice and warm last time I was sick

  • 5. Mr Monkay, water and Ritz! Best crackers when sick.
  • 6. Paper of money on the top off my shelf is making me happy.
  • 7. Mr Monkey also slept on my tummy.
  • 8. Morning tea!

  • 9. Tea number two that day, to get through math class
  • 10. A slice of pizza and a aliend hand.
  • 11. Took a powernap with my pillows on the couch before re-arranging my bed
  • 12. Frozen berries with yoghurt. Love it when the yoghurt freezes~

  • 13. On the sunny side~
  • 14. Once again, to unmotivated to do math…
  • 15. “I’m okay, Baby, are you okay?”
  • 16. Wanted this but couldn’t decide on which color. (eventually bought it in mint~)

  • 17. Another date with the 10 kg weight, in the start of May.
  • 18. Where my face sleeps at night.
  • 19. Having no consentration for math… Was trying to prepare for moch exam.
  • 20. Morning coffee. Totally worth ruining the lipstick every day.

… Wow, this update is containing a lot from when I studied for my mock exam in math, which somewhere in the first week of May. Seems like ages ago! But its barely a month since. Well, lets hope all the studying I did then, and all the studying I have tried to do this week has prepared me for the exam tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Drink Love tea to help you feel cherished and well nourished, night and day.

For a very long time now, I’ve forgotten all about drinking tea and all the Pukka Herbs tea’s I got. So I finally got myself to make me some big cups of tea these past days.  During the weekend I enjoyed myself a cup of Three Mint and Vanilla chai. Today I made me a cup of Love at school to warm my heart, and I am currently drinking a cup of After dinner. Because it’s after dinner, and my stomach is a bit upset.

I’ve said it before and I don’t mind saying it again; I love tea that has purposes and health benefits. I also love these two pictures I snapped on sunday. I tried really hard to capture some cool pictures of the damp, which weren’t that easy. But with a little editing I managed bring out some of it.

 XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I Have the Most Awesome TeaCup Ever

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This day has been a sightly surrealistic but still a good day.

Firstly, I had an appointment with my doctor early in the morning. Because the first bus drove from me, although i was literally hitting the bus door, I got a bit late. I had the common sense to call and tell about my delay so it went just fine. Then my doctor was fast. like super-duper fast. I hadn’t managed to answer the first two question before he asked me 5 new ones. Still, the appointment went fine.

Then I went on a dangerous shopping trip.

Okay, not literally dangerous, I just didn’t plan on it. I added 2 more sweaters to my growing pile of knitted sweaters, because there was some awesome ones on sale at H&M. Then I went on the hunt for something cute. I just wanted something C-U-T-E to fill up my existence with. I have come to the realization that I need more cuteness in my daily life.

I have no idea how many stores I went by hunting for that exact cuteness

I had absolutely no idea I would find it at Indiska. Oh my gosh, that store is amazing. I’ve always loved it, which is the reason I’m rarely there. It is one of the most dangerous places for me to bring my credit card. Well, after drooling like crazy on all the stuff I found this awesomely huge buddha teacup. There was a black one with a geisha on it too, and I’m known for loving this with geisha-prints, but this buddha cup won.

The Chinese dragon ring? I saw it. Took it. Just had to have it no matter what it costed. Luckily it was on sale.  50% of the sale price actually.

Which is good because the original prize was like 200 NOK

Green chai tea was the first to go in my awesome buddha teacup.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Get some color in your life: Eat oranges.

The fresh colors of oranges!

Some pictures I snapped while enjoying a bowl of oranges and a cup of tea earlier today. Look at how the teabag mark has the same color. The Pukka Relax tea is one of my favorites. Its made of organic chamomile, fennel & marshmallow root. Its said to calm and soothe, but it also gives a really warm feeling. Not just because I’m drinking hot beverage, but because the taste is .. warm.

Kinda hard explaining but you'll know what I mean when you try it~

I felt quite like a greek goddess laying on the couch eating them, except for the fact that it wasn’t grapes and no one was feeding me. At least I had a huge teddy bear to cuddle with. I really enjoy having Marcel here with me. I should snap some pictures of him soon!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~         -  EdgyPop

When BFF’s Meets

Cups of coffee in their proper place, between conversations..

My good friend and fellow blogger and hobby photographer Lele. When we get together we can talk and talk and time just fly by. Still, its amazing how many different things we get time to talk about. I just love talking with her, because mostly we agree on stuff we discus. If we disagree we accept each others meanings.

Yes, its good to talk with her. I can tell her about my issues, complain about my life in Trondheim without her, because no one is like her. I don’t have anyone to discuss make-up with in Trondheim. Neither do I got anyone to discuss fashion, music, styles, hair-do’s and hair-don’ts. I just don’t got anyone down there with equal interest in these stuff.

It makes me miss her even more. Isn't she pretty?

She’s a proud owner of a Sony SLR camera, and of course we talk about photographing, editing pictures, and blogging. We told each others stories about when we should have had our SLR’s with us, we told each other which settings we used in different situations and how we both are addicted to editing photos. We even discussed blog layouts.

We just got the same interests, hobbies and such that brings us closer

And somewhere in all the talking we ended up making tea too~

Its moments like this that makes me realise that I’m living so far away from people I love, trust and rely on. Yet, I should be complaining or dreading to go back to Trondheim because I still got lovely friends down there. It’s just that BFF’S is hard to be away from.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~